Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

BSMP2-15: Colin Cowherd – FOX Sports

On the 15th and final episode of Season 2, FOX Sports Radio and Television personality Colin Cowherd spends 33 minutes offering his insights on his career, FS1’s progress, the ESPN layoffs, sexual harassment in the workplace, comparisons to Skip Bayless, creating and maintaining chemistry, how to determine whether to continue with or eliminate a popular benchmark and much more.

In this week’s 5 in 5, Jason offers his views on the ESPN layoffs, the reactions from Mike Francesa and Michael Kay on the benching of Eli Manning, sexual harassment in the workplace, the social media survey and holiday program scheduling.


  • What still excites and motivates him to talk sports for a living?
  • Whether or not he reached a fork in the road earlier in his career
  • How he grades the past 2 years of working for FOX Sports
  • ESPN’s layoffs and what they say about the state of the media business
  • Where he thinks people will consume content most in the next 5 years
  • Reaction to Mike Francesa’s views on radio and digital
  • How to conduct yourself behind the scenes and avoid harassment issues
  • The state of his relationship with FS1 and confidence in the network’s vision
  • The Vegas line on working again in the future for ESPN
  • Who he’s been influenced by and learned from in the media business
  • The key to developing and maintaining outstanding chemistry
  • Determining if something on his show still has appeal or has run its course
  • When the Ron Burgundy imitations might return
  • If he believes he and Skip Bayless are similar or different as personalities
  • The way he develops analogies and introduces them into his show
  • How much longer he hopes to remain active in sports media
  • Why he believes the show is better now on FOX than it was at ESPN
  • Quick Hits: X-Mas dinner, Best/Worst moments, PD advice


Colin’s Twitter handle: @ColinCowherd

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