Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

BSMP1-10: Sean Salisbury – SB Nation Radio

As the BSM Podcast enters double digits, Jason Barrett ponders if the Embrace Debate mantra is as troubling as many claim it is. Jason explains how many people are tuning in for opinion driven programs and why much of the negativity stems from fake social media outrage, piling on and limited exposure to the content. He also shares why a lack of interest in these shows should have little to zero impact on watching other programs on the same networks.

For this week’s sports media conversation, we connect with SB Nation Radio/ESPN Houston host Sean Salisbury. Sean drops in to explain the challenge of transitioning from the field to broadcasting, reaching the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during his twelve year run with ESPN, earning a new lease on life in the media business in Houston, what fans can expect from his new TV simulcast on beIN Sports, political talk in sports, the media’s role in Terrell Owens’ HOF snub, and the challenges facing Tony Romo.


  • The start of his broadcasting career and how it happened
  • What he cherishes and appreciates the most from his 12-year run at ESPN
  • Explaining what Tony Romo is up against at CBS and how to overcome it
  • The media’s role and influence on Terrell Owens being left out of the H.O.F.
  • How low he got after losing his opportunity at ESPN and how he overcame it
  • Landing in Houston as a host for SB Nation Radio and ESPN Houston 97.5
  • Why he chose to stay in Houston when an opportunity came up in San Francisco
  • How he prepares and stays involved working with two different show units
  • A description of his radio program and what is involved with the TV simulcast
  • Weaving in political conversation and when it does/doesn’t make sense on a show
  • Quick Hits – The Benchwarmers, on-air with John Clayton, state of ESPN, player advice


Sean’s’ Twitter handle: @SeanUnfiltered

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