Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

BSMP-3-2: Mitch Moss – Vegas Stats & Information Network

On the second episode of Season 3 of the BSM Podcast, VSiN morning host Mitch Moss sits down with Jason Barrett inside the South Point Casino to discuss a variety of items related to his career. Mitch shares details from his radio travels which have included moving from Eau Claire to Las Vegas to San Francisco and back to sin city where he’s since shifted from traditional sports talk on terrestrial radio to delivering sports betting content on VSiN’s multiple platforms. He weighs in on hosting, programming, producing popular Bay Area sports talk shows, working with Brent Musburger and the likelihood of gambling being legalized. Mitch also explains why he’s bullish on VSiN’s future and believes the network can be to the betting space what ESPN has been to mainstream sports.

In this week’s BSM 180, Jason spends a few minutes candidly expresses his concerns on individuals not taking a strong enough interest in pursuing paths to programming. With management jobs difficult to come by and often filled before being posted, Jason explains why behind the scenes folks with long term goals of programming need to step up their efforts to learn the tricks of the trade from individuals inside and outside their operation to increase their chances of earning consideration.


  • Starting out in a small market in Wisconsin in music radio
  • The challenges of broadcasting in a smaller local market
  • Landing a gig in Las Vegas with PD John Hanson
  • The early days of working in sports radio in Las Vegas
  • Discovering a passion to become a sports talk show host
  • Taking on the added responsibility of being a Program Director
  • Best and worst parts of being a sports radio programmer
  • Moving away from the microphone to produce in San Francisco
  • Being educated on which content matters most in the Bay Area
  • What he learned from producing John Lund and Greg Papa
  • Moving to mornings to work with The Rise Guys
  • Not aggressively pursuing hosting shifts in San Francisco
  • Why he decided to leave the Bay Area and return to Las Vegas
  • The economic difficulties of living in the Bay Area
  • Pursuing a new challenge and leaving Lotus to join VSiN
  • How he approaches creating content during slower periods
  • The impact of the Mayweather-McGregor fight in Las Vegas
  • Realistic expectations for sports betting being legalized
  • What the show uses to determine if it’s making progress
  • If it’s good or bad to have others in the gambling space
  • Where VSiN is now and what he hopes to see in the future
  • Hosting an East Coast morning show on West Coast time
  • Being Brent Musburger’s teammate and how it’s helped his career
  • Quick Hits: Vegas pro teams, Legalization, Advice and Betting experts


Mitch’s Twitter handle: @MitchMossRadio

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