Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

BSMP-3-1: Traug Keller – ESPN Radio

Season 3 of the BSM Podcast begins with an appearance by ESPN Radio Senior Vice President Traug Keller. The 20+ minute conversation conversation covers a number of key industry items including Traug’s view on the present state of the ESPN Radio lineup, the network’s focus on digital growth, ESPN’s commitment to diversity, how the company will adjust if sports betting is legalized, the proper length of time a new show deserves in order to prove itself, whether ESPN is interested in purchasing more local stations, and much more.

The new season also features the debut of The BSM 180. The new three minute feature examines the importance of programming and sales working together, PD’s taking a stronger interest in their station’s beyond the ratings, and what companies should be doing to involve and excite the leader’s of their operations.


  • The present state of the ESPN Radio lineup
  • How ESPN measures a show’s impact on a national scale
  • Whether the national sports radio space is overcrowded
  • Radio’s ability to sell digital and ESPN’s ability to monetize it
  • If sports betting gets legalized, how will ESPN respond?
  • The Michael Kay’s show recent win in the NY winter ratings book
  • What owning local radio stations means to ESPN’s business
  • Whether ESPN has interest in purchasing additional stations
  • ESPN’s commitment to diversity and why it’s a high priority
  • Bomani Jones, Colin Cowherd and Dan Patrick
  • John Skipper’s unexpected departure from ESPN
  • First impressions of new ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro
  • The rise of media people attacking other media people
  • How long a new show deserves to connect with an audience
  • Quick Hits: State of Audio/Radio, ESPN misconceptions, Future changes, One move


Traug’s Twitter handle: @TraugK

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