Mon. May 27th, 2019

Anderson, Rapoport Break Free Agent News On Live TV

In an era where social media is the undisputed champion of breaking news, old fashioned television had a big victory Monday.  

On the set of NFL Live, with a source coming in the form of a voice on her cellphone, ESPN’s Josina Anderson broke the news that Landon Collins would be signing with the Redskins.  Less than an hour later on the NFL Network, Ian Rapoport announced (as he received the news) that DeSean Jackson had been traded back to the Eagles from the Bucs.

In the shade of Antonio Brown’s historic trade from the Steelers to the Raiders, the signing of a 25 year old defensive back and an aging slot receiver trade may not stand out as landmark moves of the 2019 free agent season.  It did, however, create excellent live TV and rewarded football junkies who were glued to coverage Monday afternoon looking for an information fix.