Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019
first and Tens

All-Women Fantasy Football League Launches Podcast

Former Dallas morning host Jasmine Sadry is going digital after her exit from New Country 96.3. She is partnering with Amy Voss, a former affiliations director at ESPN Radio, to launch a new NFL podcast called First & 10s. The idea was born from a fantasy football league made up of ten women that Sadry and Voss are a part of. They say their opponents’ football knowledge runs the gamut from “expert to not much”.

The podcast sounds like something of an audio reality show with football talk mixed in. A press release promises some fantasy football talk mixed with “drama, opinions, conspiracy, and a whole lot of cold-blooded competition.” Sadry told All Access that the show is built around the competitors that “will cheat, lie, and back stab to get a W, with a lot of laughing, ball busting, and cussing along the way.”