Thu. May 23rd, 2019

Alex Reimer Returns From Suspension at WEEI

Boston sports radio host, Alex Reimer made his return to WEEI Tuesday, his first appearance on the station since being suspended nearly five months ago after referring to Tom Brady’s daughter as a “pissant.”

Reimer made the comment while discussing Brady’s Facebook docuseries, Tom vs. Time, which gives fans a glimpse into the superstar quarterback’s off-field life.  Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI’s morning show, Kirk & Callahan shortly after and cut the interview short, expressing how upset he was with Reimer’s comment.

Reimer, who has not been on-air, but has been writing for WEEI in recent months, was a regular contributor to Kirk & Callahan, as well as a fill-in host.  Reimer joined the morning show on Tuesday, marking the first time he was on-air since his suspension, with an eight-minute appearance to discuss his new column for WEEI.

During the appearance, Kirk Minihane asked Reimer if listeners will get a toned-down version of the host when he makes his return.

Alex responded by saying, “No, real Reimer. Reimer 3.0 is the real deal.”  Reimer later added, “I feel like my purgatory sentence is nearing a close.  I’m not going to call little girls pissants anymore.”

After Reimer was suspended shortly before the Super Bowl, Brady was sympathetic with the host, “I think we all have careers and we all make mistakes.  I’d hate for someone to have to change their life over something like that.  It’s certainly not what he intended.  I just felt it was inappropriate.  I think any 5-year-old is off limits.  I think anyone would feel the same way about their kids.”

Reimer returned to WEEI, contributing to the website about a month after his suspension.  He recorded an audio apology in which he understood the consequences of his comment and was grateful for the way Brady handled the incident.

“I am also thankful for Brady’s compassion, which frankly I did not deserve. He showed me mercy and I’ll never forget that,” Reimer said in his February apology.

Reimer’s new column for WEEI will be a media column, creatively titled The Media Column.  His first article discussed the media’s handling of the report Hanley Ramirez was under federal investigation, which days later turned out to be false.  A return to hosting for Reimer, or regularly contributing to Kirk & Callahan was not announced.

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1 thought on “Alex Reimer Returns From Suspension at WEEI

  1. This guy is disgusting! Should have been fired. NOT suspended. It reminds me of David Brown Meteorologist who was on Channel 5. I saw a live broadcast once where a little girl came into his shot and he said something to the affect of “Go put that plastic bag over your head”, then went back to reporting. I NEVER watched Channel 5 Boston’s News again! ALEX REIMER you are despicable. I hope never to see your name in headlines again. I feel bad for if you ever have kids because Karma is certainly a coming your way!

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