Wed. Mar 27th, 2019

Adande, Kremer Teach How to Report on Concussions

The Concussion Legacy Foundation is hoping future journalists have a better understanding of concussions and the ways they are diagnosed and treated by teams and leagues. The group has started the Concussion Legacy Media Project to coach both veteran reporters and rising journalism students.

The group has an online test working journalists can take. After answering each question, test takers will see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Journalists will receive a certificate once they answer every question correctly.

Some of the most high profile sports reporters and journalism professors have been enlisted to teach the courses for journalism students. JA Adande will teach the course to his students at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern. Andrea Kremer will teach students at Boston University, and Olivia Stomsly will teach students at Syracuse. The goal of the course is for reporters to better understand concussions so that they can give more information to viewers, particularly parents of young athletes.

Adande told Awful Announcing that he thinks the course will give his students important knowledge in dealing with a difficult subject.

You could say the future of the most popular sports entity in the United States is at stake, and our graduates very well might be the ones telling that story one day. So it’s really important that they present it accurately, use the proper terminology. Because we’re veering a little bit out of our area of expertise and talking about medical conditions that most people might think they know, but aren’t aware of really what a concussion is, for example. What the process is like, how they’re diagnosed, what the league procedures are. [There are] so many things that are so important to telling the story, and it’s really important to get all these things right.