Sat. May 25th, 2019
Adam Clanton

Adam Clanton Resurfaces at SportsRadio 610

After being let go from Houston’s KBME 790 in May, Adam Clanton returned to the airwaves last week on rival station KILT 610.

Clanton originally signed on with 610 soon after his dismissal from 790, but iHeartMedia invoked a six-month non-compete clause in his contract preventing him from being on another station within the Houston market.  Since the six months have passed, Clanton will join Adam Wexler Tuesday nights on Sports Radio 610.  Wexler is a reporter for Houston’s NBC affiliate, KPRC Channel 2.

“It’s nice to be out of radio purgatory and with a group of true professionals who have welcomed me (back) with open arms,” Clanton told the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron via text message.

“610 has been amazing to me, and sometimes life really does come full circle, I’m excited going forward.”

In addition to his Tuesday shift on 610, Barron reports that Clanton will contribute with fill-in and weekend work at the station.  Clanton began his radio career at KILT 610 in 2008, prior to working at KPRC Channel 2 and later SportsTalk 790.

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