Thu. May 23rd, 2019

670 The Score Drops Jason Goff from Afternoons

A shakeup in afternoons has begun at 670 The Score in Chicago. Jason Goff has been dropped as Dan Bernstein’s partner, fourteen months after being elevated to PM drive as Terry Boers’ replacement. Goff confirmed the news on Twitter.

According to Robert Feder, The Score is expected to make Dan McNeil a featured part of the afternoon show alongside Bernstein. The Chicago sports radio veteran has been hosting a weekday show for the station as well as his own podcast. McNeil is a familiar name and voice to local listeners having previously spent time in the weekday lineup at both The Score and crosstown rival ESPN 1000.

During the fall ratings period, “Bernstein and Goff” finished 3rd with Men 25-54. They were however beaten by ESPN 1000’s afternoon show, Waddle and Silvy, which finished 1st.

67 thoughts on “670 The Score Drops Jason Goff from Afternoons

  1. I think it’s interesting most of the posters who don’t care for Bernstein and, or Goff, talk about the fundamental reasons they don’t like them. A few examples: talk too much about social issues, talk about parenting, don’t talk enough about sports, etc. But almost without fail, those who support Goff and, or Bernstein, get into name calling toward those who have opinions different from theirs. Examples: Old, racist, willfully ignorant, lynch party, white entitlement, etc. Draw your own conclusions.

  2. Jason Goff was thoughtful and brought social dimensions to the sports world that are always there. Still find it hard to believe there are still so many willfully ignorant, racist old white guys around. I’m a 69 year old white guy from Texas and I foolishly thought I left all the klan members back in Houston.

  3. Good riddance! Goff was a stoned ass “hang out guy” trying to do professional radio. If I wanted to hear a mouth like his, I’d go to BW3s during Bulls games, but I don’t!

  4. A Lot of great comments here….yes Bernstein and Goff are horrendous….thank God they are gone from the afternoons…one gone completely and one gone to mornings when I cant listen anyway. A win win for me.

    Both were complete “race baiter”s…this is sports talks guys…not politics or moral values. Go to NPR and become hosts if thats what you want to talk about. Over there people care about the BS your talking about. Thanks for bringing back Danny Mac !!!!1…also bye bye Matt Spiegel….I cant wait until they unload Bernstein as well.

  5. in reading the previous posts a couple of people have commented about how smart bernstein is, and he probably is. But I wonder if a Duke or Harvard education is required to be rude, condescending, race baiting, pompous, and all around jackass? I personally don’t think you need to be a genius to be a good sports talk show host. And believe it or not, the vast majority of people could sit and give their opinions about sports and take calls from people with their opinions without first becoming a Rhodes Scholar. That point was and is completely lost with Dan Bernstein, and likewise Jason Goff, since he learned from his mentor Bernstein. Neither of them had appreciation for what they had, mainly because of the silver spoon syndrome. They both behave like snot nose arrogant brats. Goff got what he deserved, Bernstein was saved mainly because of his successful years with Terry Boers. Terry covered his ass for years, now his little tush is somewhat exposed?

  6. I know I’m late to the party but I just found out Jason Goff was let go. Can’t say I am surprised because I am not. In the beginning I was rooting for Jason Goff to partner with Bernstein but that quickly changed after listening to the new show. He was very loud and boisterous and always ranting and never letting Bernstein get a word in edgewise. He seemed to be very insecure for whatever reason, draw your own conclusions. I remember in the beginning of the Boers and Bernstein show Terry let us know that he told Bernstein pretty much that he was going to be the star and just let er Rip. It seems Jason came in thinking he was going to be the star when in fact the show is Bernstein & Goff not Goff & Bernstein. No who your talent is and feed him the proverbial ball, that’s what Terry found out. The common denominator is Dan Bernstein. It seems Goff made the mistake a lot of Millennials do these days, feeling entitled; I believe he would have been all right if he had just fed off Bernstein. I love what Bernstein does he doesn’t pander to us and challenges us to think deeper and harder and ask questions while demanding more from our Sports leadership in this town. Goff didn’t have to be as smart as Bernstein, nobody at the Score is, he just had to feed him the ball.

  7. I’m so happy that Mac is back his sports knowledge and history is second to none in this town. No more hours long conversation about hip hop music racist people and movies each day. Mac is funny as well. Like me Mac isn’t a card carrying Trump chump. I like to listen to Stephenie Miller and Tom Hartman for politics not sports. For sports I listen to the score again. For the record I really like Lawrence Holmes he’s black and he sticks to sports. It’s not about skin color its about sports

  8. I couldn’t stomach Golf any longer they would make fun of white callers and argue with them and make them feel like a racist even if they weren’t. Danny Mac and Hub make the score the best. It’s great listening to sports talk in the afternoons again.Not all that nonsense Golf would go on and on with
    .Really miss Terry, BigDoug and OB

  9. Glad to see Goff go. He knew very
    Little about sports and it showed. Also, his social commentaries were tiring and sorely missed the mark. He focused more on players kneeling during the anthem and Colin Kapiernick more Than actual sports content. He was not as smart as he thought he was.

  10. Telling everyone to kiss your ass and change the station if we didn’t like your race baiting comments work well for you didn’t it? If we wanted to listen to politics all day we wouldn’t of turned to a sports station. Good riddance

  11. I agree Goff needed to go. He made EVERYTHING into something racist. He and bernstein rarely talked about sports. It was all about who was the newest person or group insulting black people. Of course Bernstein is cut from the same cloth but they will never get rid of him. He is part of the Yiddish crowd

  12. Saw this coming with Goff. I stopped listening to the show a few months ago. I turn on 670 to listen to sports talk and while I realize sometimes sports and politics or social issues overlap I don’t need or want to be beaten over the head with it day in and day out. Goff should go get a job as Kapernicks agent. Good riddance, I may start listening again now.

  13. I only started listening to The Score in the morning because Mike & Mike became unlistenable. It amazes me how many of these guys berate the listeners when they call with a different opinion. Maybe if you didn’t alienate most off the listeners, your ratings would be better, and you wouldn’t have to “Shake up” the station every year and a half.

  14. Goff antagonized John Paxson on the air,a stupid move after the Bulls signed with the Score.that was the last straw for a ghetto talking racist punk.hopefully DeCastro will launch smarmy know-it-all Bernstein next

  15. Speigal and Goff were replaced with McKnight and Danny Mac which has a negative replacement value. Not to mention you removed Berstein, who has an exceptionally high aptitude, hilariously funny and quite engaging from the afternoons…From my perspective Goff was refreshing, honest, transparent and had worked hard over the years to become more polished. As a 40 year old man and faithful Score listener over the last ten years I’m just dissapointed that this is the direction the station has chosen to move in.

  16. He needed to go! He was gone half the time anyway for whatever reason! He knew about basketball, but knew very little about anything else. He was actually better with Berstein than with Speigel. But too silly and again talked and knew very little about other sports.

  17. I got back from vacation and found a large void exists. Now listening to the Cub broadcasts will be the only reason my radio is tuned to 670. Bothers me that so many people found Jason Goff so offensive as I had thought we have moved past this. Apparently that is not the case. Both he and his partner brought thoughtful commentary on a variety of issues that exist in and around sports. Hope to find Jason Goff in a new venue soon.

  18. I am so glad to see there several individuals who are no longer listening to the Score. Sports and the broader societal landscape are intertwined – there is no such thing as “stick to talking sports.” Dan McNeil was relevant 10 years ago – times have change and unfortunately the Score has reverted back to an old model that will not work. I’ve deleted the Score from my presets and will never listen to the station again.

  19. Never really had an issue with the societal issue discussions. It is possible to not like Goff and not be a racist. I thought he was a pompous ass, but so was his co-host and he’s still around….so… Mac has a limited shelf life, he is already missing time.

  20. Goff was a breath of fresh air in the afternoon. He was NEVER racist toward white people. Everyone is so offended and delicate now. Those who think that are upset because he tells the truth? The blatant and veiled racism in these comments are hilarious. “Ghetto talk” and “race baiters” You guys are hysterical. God forbid you be made uncomfortable in your whiteness. Fear is an ugly thing. You can’t handle “my crib” and “my lady?” I got news for you old codgers, my kids are 13 and I swear they don’t see color, it’s an awesome thing to witness. They’re black friends don’t treat them different, or talk to them differently than they would another black kid, and they don’t treat or speak to their black friends any differently. Nobody is pretending to be something they’re not. Kind of like all of you closet racists on here. Pretending you’re not racist, and that saying “ghetto talk” and Goff picked on white people. It’s not ghetto talk, its how young people mix in a little flavor to their conversations. I laughed more in the time Goff was with Dan, than I ever did in total when Dan & Terry were together. Point of clarification–Danny doesn’t insult all listeners, just the stupid ones–and it’s funny. The amount of boobs that call in is truly amazing and awful. If you can’t laugh at it and you really want them to entertain the ridiculous, and obtuse ideas the morons call in with, go to 1000. Nobody can help you. That network caters to those who don’t want to use their brains. I have tried to tune into the afternoons, I can’t. There’s no energy to it, there’s no vibe…it’s unlistenable. I just listen in the morning now. If Jason lands somewhere local, I will tune in.

  21. I miss Jason Goff with Bernstein. I don’t need to hear sports information all day. Most of the people who commented negatively about Goff and Bernstein are probably sports geeks with little outside interests. They were funny and provocative and had great chemistry and made the listener think and reflect. BTW Goff is very informed with respect to sports. I am a 71 year-old white health-care professional and believe that the current political landscape
    in this nation has allowed racism to be less thinly-veiled. An African American is now shunned from expressing his/her opinion on the airways. Mc Neil will not add to the Score. Very disappointing for my ride home from the clinic-I can’t stand listening to Silvy.

  22. Definitely will miss Matt Spiegel. He kept Parkin’s rambling in check.He was thoughtful and insightful. I don’t have a strong opinion about Goff. I thought that he and Matt teamed up well. But I agree that Bernstein is a pompous jerk.I would rather listen to static than Bernstein berate a caller. Plus he has the most irritating tone of voice. Thankfully there are other stations to listen to.

  23. Never really liked Dan Mcneil never really caught on with Danny Parkins. So basically I stopped listening after 9 o clock now. The morning show is great glad that didn’t change! Bernstein’s a little much for 9 in the morning

  24. Could not stand Goff for all the reasons stated on this blog. “My Lady”, wtf is that? Sounds like black slaver talk to me. And don’t even get me started on his and Dan’s view of the National Anthem protesters. I’m the one that’s “selectively ignorant”. Really? Please … I also agree that demoting Dan to mid-day was worse than firing him.

  25. Bernstein and Goff was a terrible show ,two self-righteous arrogant jerks together was an experiment destined to fail

  26. Goff I miss you and Dan my brother. I would leave work and have you on the radio in my truck. When I got home I turned on the radio in the kitchen and listen to you and Dan until 6. I will so miss the interesting and funny conversations about sports and life. I don’t need sports 24-7. You guys had the right balance. It was like listening to friends. The crap that is on now is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. What a HUGE mistake DeCastro made. Catering to the Meatballs! Hope to hear you on the radio real soon!

  27. The show got too much into politics, racial issues, and parenting. I’m sorry, I don’t need a sports broadcaster to tell me how to feel about things or how to raise my kids. It’s sports, keep it about sports, the new show isn’t much better, never really liked Parkins, couldn’t care less about gambling or his views on much of anything. Aside from mulley and hannely I don’t listen to the station at all anymore really. And I’ve never liked Bernstein, the way he treats his callers is sickening, god forbid anyone has an opinion that isn’t shared by Dan Bernstein…

  28. Great move by the score bringing back McNiel and dropping Jason Goff. Goff is knowledgeable like Bernstein but I could not stand his sanctimonious demeanor and his constant race baiting. He came off as an elitist who felt his opinions on social matters were much more enlightened than the average listener. The two of them together were just dreadful and the constant virtue signaling made me want to puke. Bernstein needs to go as well, he is an outed sexist(this cannot be refuted) and his arrogant tone is just despicable. Props to the score for acknowledging their fledgling ratings and making some moves to rectify it. A side note, speigel was so overdue to be replaced I found it hard to believe he held a spot for so long on the weekday programming. He is another sanctimonious schmuck who was deservedly canned, he too was also a sexist.

  29. I will truly miss the one sports talk show I enjoyed. The deft way Bernstein and Goff highlighted social issues in their sports commentary was more real than any other talk radio show. Sports talk IS social. I admire their courage for giving their audience a format for topical discussion while remaining true to the core topic of sports. I will also miss Goff’s sense of humor and timing. Best Jason!

  30. Wow just wow. Goff was very entertaining with Bernstein. The afternoon show SUCKS now. As for all the race bait, stop it this is 2018 the perspective both men brought to the afternoon show is unmatched. Their ratings may have slipped but the content didn’t Boers and Bernstein to Bernstein and Goff did not LOSE ONE STEP as compared to the cookie cutter show now.

  31. They don’t have to worry about me listening anymore. In a city that is very black this was very dumb. Go ESPN 1000 I hope you destroy these jerks

  32. Everyone keeps calling Jason racist, just because he has an opinion that you may disagree with, don’t make him racist. This country was built on disagreements. Bernstein did cut callers off with his arrogance, but he did that with his last co host as well. Ironically, I enjoyed that also. I felt like Jason kept him humble if that’s possible. Jason would let callers talk, if they made sense, then respond accordingly. It’s not their fault most major sport topics over the last year had a racial undertone. It’s unfortunate.

  33. I miss Mike North, he was very blue-collar, he said it the way it was. He had great shows which made me laugh so much.

  34. I really liked Bernstein and Goff. They had great chemistry and lots in depth discussion, with a good amount of humor. They made the afternoons go by quickly. I streamed them to my work PC at the office while I coded Python afternoons when most developers were just trying to stay awake after lunch. Jason, good luck to you in all your future endeavors! You will be missed.

  35. Good move getting rid of Goff….a snot nose jerk who loved to talk down to most callers …..guess he learned that from Bernstein…..who is also a clown too…..two small minded guys who think that brilliant stuff rolls off their lips…..well it’s stuff alright….

  36. This was great news. Jason Goff came off as a know it all jerk……Bernstein and Goff can’t hold a candle to the Mully and Handley who are the gold standard….all Bernstein and Goff wanted to do was tell you every damn second how superior they are as broadcasters… of them is out now thank goodness…..lets see if Bernstein will continue to the jerk he has been in the past.

  37. The show was always interesting and getting rid of Jason and Matt means they are moving towards appealing to frat boys and idiots who want to talk about gambling. The point spread yammering is hard to take, and I won’t take it, because I won’t be listening. Jason Goff coming back to Chicago was a victory. Getting Dan McNeil off the Chicago airwaves was a victory for humanity. All of you racist morons could have just listened to 890.

  38. I took an almost visceral dislike to Parkins the moment he took the mic on his first broadcast with Spiegel. He hogged the air that day and hasn’t stopped since. I figured he was hired to raise the station’s numbers with Millennials, but teaming him with an oldster like McNeill would seem to negate that. They might as well have paired him with Les Grobstein. Whatever the reason, I now find the afternoon show unlistenable and have found other venues for my drive-time entertainment.

    I like Jason Goff and thought he was well-paired with Dan Bernstein. The social issues they talked about were always related to the sports news of the day and they brought intellect and insight that was important. Who will cover those topics now?

    I’m not able to listen during Bernstein’s new show with McKnight, so I can’t weigh in, but from the comments here it sounds like it’s the sort of sports happy talk show that the new owners prefer.

    In any case, I’m spending a lot less time with The Score than I used to.

  39. The score would rather talk about POLITICS AND RACE than sports. These idiots need to learn people that want to listen to sports aren’t interested in either. I’m listening to am 1000. Good people talking sports and not talking down to their listeners. It’s pretty obvious why am 1000 has better ratings. Get rid of the know it all wind bag Bernstein next.

  40. Great move getting SWJ ass clown Goff off the air. Love the new lineup. Raymond Booker can kiss my white ass.

  41. Goff was on the wrong station—head over to WCPT, 820AM Chicagos Progressive Talk—join the Family Hour on Sundays, or the Rickey Hendron show on can talk all that jive nonsense all day with that crew—we wanted sports, not “my crib” “my lady” “I know the hood’ talk during sports…plus garner some active listening skills son, you are talking over others, and pushing out an agenda without listening to answers. Bernstein needs to be next, and now with Jimmy DeCastro fully in charge and Rosen knocked down a notch, Dannys SCORE days are numbered….and nice try with the racist rants if you dare disagree or offer criticism of a Black man…good grief, grow up, man up and shut up. Its what real life is about–not a bunch of self protection, quotas, and affirmative action freebies. The dude talked over people—all colors.

  42. I could take or leave Goff. It never seemed to flow with Dan and him. The real tragedy is keeping Parkins over Spiegel in a major time slot. Parkins’ voice makes me wish I could reach thru my radio and punch him in the face. He is the smarmiest, douchebagiest sports personality I have ever heard. And what’s with the prolonged pronunciation of “s’s” at the end of a sentence. “I went to the store and bought some grapessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”. Seriously….tool

  43. Bring back Mike North!
    North and Goff show.
    Or even Dan Patrick!!
    Time for pompous Bernstein to go. Every time he speaks I cringe. I don’t know what worse, hearing someone scratch a chalkboard or listening to Bernstein berate and belittle a caller or subject w his pompous opinions.

  44. Me personally I liked Jason Goff he brought good perspective, he’s a talented young man. It seem like the Score was heading in a New Direction, appealing to Old, present and new listeners. Back to Jason, I even liked the days where he was a producer. He’s Very thoughtful and has good commentary in my opinion. The move with letting Spiegel go I didn’t get that. Spiegel’s very smart and thoughtful, he has a wide range of perspectives I thought him and Parkins was a pretty good team. ( in the beginning it took a while to get use to ). Lastly, McNeil believe it or not I’ve always liked Danny Mac, however he’s very inconsistent. I know he’s had personal issues but I just like the way he brings it. I’m not quite sure about these new lineup changes, it may take me a long time to get used to it, if that even happens.

    Tony Fitts

  45. The only reason I tuned in to the score was to listen to Jason and Dan. Uber analytical, witty, and not afraid to broach crucial conversations were just a pixel of attributes that compelled me to listen. I am distraught over the fact that a person of color has to conform to the norms of “whiteness”
    A Score listener no more. Best of luck dan and Jason for pushing the envelope with an audience that needed to be pushed. Full disclosure- I am white

  46. Firing Jason Goff was the last straw for me! The score can kiss my ass I’m done with them for good. To add insult to injury they bring Dan McNeil back. This guy spends more time in rehab than on the air. He’s a meathead who appeals to simple narrow minded white men like that racist asshole Ryan who commented above. Jason bought flavor to the show and fresh perspective on multiple issues and he kept Bernstein honest by not being afraid to disagree with him. This is nothing but a symptom of a much larger problem in our country that’s called white entitlement. The listeners that went down the dial didn’t care to hear issues from another ethnic perspective.When he spoke out against police violence against young black men I knew his days were numbered after that. Hes very talented and I hope he gets another chance. As for all of you McNeil lovers start a pool on how long It takes him to end up relapsing again on the coke and booze and airing his half assed pity seeking excuses for It!

  47. Hey Jason I live in Mexico and listened to your podcast almost daily. Really enjoyed your views and thought you brought the best out of Bernstein, whom I actually was able to listen to while he was with you.You seem like a real cool dude with a bit of a chip on your shoulder working in an environment that seems against you at times. I´m sure you will be just fine. Good luck.

  48. I could not stand the ghetto talk,glad to see him go.He was allways talking over someone else,very annoying.

  49. Jason Goff is a bright guy, but talked too much about himself and his personal life. Bernstein is a pompous ass and loves to insult his listeners. Keep doing this Dan and you’ll continue to watch your ratings drop. Learn to be a little humble. Hopefully Macneil is able to stay on the straight and narrow this time around.

  50. Couldn’t be happier. Wish Bernstein would go too. Now may be able to listen again from 1-6 pm.

  51. Oops. I didn’t realize this was a hangout for all the real racists. I’ll just shuffle back out of the room while you celebrate at your lynch party….

  52. This is so wrong on so many levels. It wasn’t that long ago I was listening to the Spiegel and Goff show

  53. Apparently the first guy who commented never listened when Terry Goers was host. But, pk.

  54. Jason is a young talent who will rise again. Personally I don”t know how he lasted as long as he did working with hate everybody that isn’t white Spiegel and the condescending Im smarter than everyone Bernstein. He and Lawrence Holmes complemented one and other well and would have been a better fit but we no that wouldn’t have gone over well with their non minority listeners. Fuck Wscr, Im going down the dial a bit, See Ya!!

  55. Jason, you and your partner Dan were the best sports show in Chicago. I don’t care about the f *****g ratings over at ESPEN middays. Thank you for everything you did each and every day. I can’t wait to get back listening to you. Keep us all posted on your new venture. I wish you the very best of luck. You don’t need luck. Your great broadcaster. See ya buddy!

  56. Thank the Lord he is gone…he is a racist and just about everything he has to say revolves around black and white. His ghetto language was annoying as hell too…now he’ll have plenty of time to hang with his homies at his crib, good riddance

  57. Jason was given the Mark Jackson treatment. Jackson spoke out against Donald Sterling a bit too strongly. Jason spoke out against the Blackhawks Basketball Chanters. Now he has suffered the same fate as Mark Jackson. Brothers gotta becareful in front that mic!!!!

  58. The change makes me sick. Goff was a refreshing change from the typical narrow-minded moronic crap normally heard on this station.

  59. The Two Race Baiters r out in the afternoons. Goff is Out which is great because he Stunk & Bernstein is demoted which for him is worse than being fired!! GREAT Day for Chicago Sports Radio

  60. Goff was offensive on a regular basis. Had to change the station. Talking about grooming your junk…just one of many examples.

  61. I agree and he only liked to talk about basketball. And was racist toward white people. Don’t let the door hit youj on the way out.

  62. It drove me nuts how he would comment while laughing…All the time! When he spoke about Cornell U frat boys “playing” fat girls, it was cringe-worthy radio. Bernstein remained silent.

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