Wed. Aug 15th, 2018

Marquette King Has Beef With 104.3 the Fan

It began last week with Denver Broncos punter, Marquette King joining 104.3 The Fan’s midday show hosted by Brandon Stokley and Zach Bye.  The segment lasted less than two minutes because King apparently had no interest in talking football.

During his time in Oakland, King appeared to be popular with teammates, fans and the media, but he quickly didn’t mesh with new head coach Jon Gruden, leading to his release.  Now, his relationship with the Denver media has gotten off to a very rocky start.

Shortly after the interview on The Fan, King tweeted two emojis at another 104.3 radio host, Darren McKee, which insinuated a vulgar message.  McKee responded on Twitter by saying, “Little advice. Go to Brandon Stokely – who played for the Broncos two different times, played in the league for 15 years, is in the Louisiana sports hall of fame, is a fantastic father and husband and apologize for an incredibly disrespectful and rude interview.

“If you don’t want to be interviewed then simply don’t do it. If you DO decide to do an interview have a clue who you are talking to. Why don’t you ask DT about Stokely as you apparently have no idea who anybody is. Best of luck punting the ball in Denver. Somehow our show will survive without you.”

Naturally it didn’t end there as McKee wasn’t left to have the last word.  Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders chimed in, telling King not to “let [McKee] rattle you. His sole purpose is to create controversy to gain a bigger following for his Twitter and radio show.”  Sanders continued, “Don’t play into his hand. Some of the Denver media just want to divide and conquer. Stay focused on the task. Super Bowl!”

On Sunday, Zach Bye, who was conducting the original interview that started the battle, tweeted a photo of Broncos PR attempting to keep King away from McKee.  King was reportedly telling McKee to “keep my name out of your mouth,” to which McKee responded, “or what?”

McKee then alerted his Twitter followers that the entire Broncos “team is going to sign autographs. Except King who walked off the field.”  McKee later added King was excused to receive treatment.

Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris responded to McKee commenting on King not being available for autographs. “What are you trying to prove? Leave Marquette alone he’s a perfectly fine teammate and y’all need to get off his back,” Harris tweeted.

After King’s end in Oakland where Raider Bruce Irvin and most likely other teammates weren’t too thrilled with the punter using social media to poke fun at an incident involving Michael Crabtree and Aquib Talib, it’s a good sign that King’s Bronco teammates came to his defense this time.

Don’t expect the Denver media to give King that same support.  The coverage King receives by the 104.3 The Fan during the season warrants watching, but once games are being played the conversation will be about football.  However, for an August on-field exchange, 104.3 vs. King has more juice than any preseason game.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

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