Thu. Aug 16th, 2018

Maggie Gray: #MeToo is About People Like James Dolan

In the most powerful rant of Maggie Gray’s young tenure at WFAN, the co-host of Carlin Maggie and Bart crushed Knicks owner James Dolan for his new song I Should’ve Known.

Most sports fans around the country know James Dolan as owner of the Knicks and Rangers, but they might not be aware he’s the lead singer of his band, JD and the Straight Shot.  Dolan also had a close friendship with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, even serving on the board of directors for the Weinstein Company.

In I Should’ve Known, Dolan shares his guilt for not doing anything to prevent Weinstein from committing acts which lead to numerous allegations of sexual harassment.  “We believed and didn’t see, through the lies he told us all, that led him to his endless fall, I should’ve known,” says one line of the song.  WFAN host Maggie Gray, however, wasn’t buying Dolan’s sentiment and responded with raw emotion.

“I can’t believe James Dolan thinks that we’re this stupid,” Gray said during Thursday’s edition of CMB.  “I can’t believe it took 11 years…11 years, is that how long it’s been since the Anucha Browne Sanders case?  Excuse me?!  Somebody who can’t even understand or admit what happened in his own building now has some b.s. song about he should have known about Harvey Weinstein?

“How about what the hell was going on in your own building?  How about a sexual harassment case that you had to settle for $11.6 million against The Garden…Give me a break, James Dolan. You are just such a hypocrite.”

In 2007 former Madison Square Garden executive, Anucha Browne Sanders, filed a lawsuit which alleged sexual harassment by Isiah Thomas, the team president at the time.  The lawsuit was later settled out of court for $11.6 million.

“You are a vile piece of trash,” continued Gray.  “You let Isiah Thomas call this woman the b-word so many times she sued your a**, and she won!  And then what did you do?  In 2015, you brought Isiah Thomas back into the building to run the Liberty of the WNBA. You are a human embodiment of an online troll.  People on Twitter couldn’t even come up with something that stupid”

“What do you think this whole #MeToo movement is?!  It’s about people like you!” said Gray as she continued her public deprecation of Dolan.

“I might never get back into The Garden, even with a press pass, after this, and I don’t give a crap. I’d rather not step into that building that’s owned by this hypocrite and this disgusting, disgusting human. Yeah, you should have known.  You did know.”

James Dolan was named in a civil-suit against Weinstein which claims the Madison Square Garden CEO was aware of the film producer’s behavior.

Carlin, Maggie and Bart air weekdays on WFAN from 1-3PM, the full segment of Gray’s comments toward Dolan can be heard here.

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