Wed. Aug 15th, 2018

Ken Singleton Postpones Retirement

Despite announcing his retirement earlier this year, Ken Singleton is making plans to return to the YES Network booth in 2019. Singleton currently provides color commentary for 55 Yankee games per year. That number will drop next season, but Singleton isn’t hanging things up just yet.

At 71-years-old, Singleton is agreeing to what will be his 23rd season of Yankees baseball. He and the network have agreed on a schedule that will see the former outfielder in the analyst role for just 24 games. A number of those games have been decided too. Singleton will work two of the team’s three road trips to Baltimore and Tampa Bay. He will also be in the booth for two series at Yankee Stadium and one more road trip.

Randy Miller of writes that it was Singleton’s wife that encouraged him to delay hanging up his suits and headset for another year.

His response to family, friends, fans and colleagues has been standard:

He wants to spend more time with his three young grandchildren and play more golf.

But when Singleton’s wife recently reminded him how much he still loved calling games for the YES Network, he thought about it and came up with a compromise to delay retirement.

Singleton began his broadcasting career in Canada. He started in 1985 with the Blue Jays. After two years he moved to Montreal. He stayed there through the 1996 season. He joined the Yankees TV team the following season.

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