Wed. Aug 15th, 2018

Buck Agrees to Contract Extension at Fox

Joe Buck has signed a contract extension with Fox today. He says it will keep him on calls of the World Series for at least the next four post-seasons. Buck’s current deal did not expire until after the 2019 baseball season. The extension he signed will keep him on the Fox payroll for three years beyond that. As for the 2021 date as the final Series Buck is sure to call, that is the year Fox’s current deal with Major League Baseball expires.

It wasn’t that long ago that Buck told Tim McKiernan of 590 the Fan in St. Louis that he was considering giving up the World Series duties in order to spend more time with his wife, ESPN’s Michelle Beisner-Buck, and the couple’s three-month-old twins. Buck sighted Fox’s willingness to cut down on his NFL and MLB schedules as well as his friendship with John Smoltz as reasons for agreeing to the extension. Joe Buck will also be on Fox’s Thursday Night Football broadcasts this fall.

As for Fox’s relationship with Major League Baseball, the network has already expressed an interest in extending the deal. At 49, Joe Buck is guaranteed to be on the call of 25 World Series and it is likely way more than that if Fox and MLB come to an agreement on an extension of their own.

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