Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

SB Nation Radio Revamps Lineup, Promotes Larson

SB Nation Radio has a new morning show. Tony Desiere and Ronn Culver will host SB Nation AM following the departures of Steve Solomon, Scott Linn and Tim Murray. Both are internal promotions. Desiere has worked in a variety of roles for the network during the last six years. Culver has been the network’s executive producer.

Alex Gold also joins SB Nation Radio’s weekday lineup after stints in Boise and KC. His show The Gold Standard will air from 10 pm until 1 am Eastern.

Craig Larson is getting a promotion as well! In addition to the network’s new shows, Gow Media announces that SB Nation Radio’s program director will be upped to the network’s chief operating officer. Larson has been with the brand through multiple ownership and name changes and doesn’t see himself going anywhere. He said in a press release “As I enter my 20th year with the network, I am proud of my team and optimistic about our future.”

1 thought on “SB Nation Radio Revamps Lineup, Promotes Larson

  1. It should be criminal how poorly Craig Larson has run SB Nation radio. He shows no commitment to hosts, which he goes through at an alarming rate relative to the industry.
    His total disregard for his employees not only highlights his complete lack of vision or plan, it amplifies his total incompetence.
    David Gow seems like a nice, smart businessman but his blindness regarding Larson appears to have no end.

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