Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Mike Taylor Calls Out Cowherd for Spurs Criticism

Mike Taylor, longtime radio host for 760 The Ticket in San Antonio, has covered Kawhi Leonard’s lengthy feud with the Spurs and does so by defending the league’s most successful team over the last two decades.  When an outsider weighed in on the situation and offered sympathy for the Kawhi camp, the popular San Antonio morning host made sure to call him out.

On Monday, when talking about Tony Parker departing for Charlotte, Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd said the Spurs and Gregg Popovich’s system prevented Parker from garnering credit as a star player.  Cowherd used Parker being overshadowed by Popovich as a reason why Leonard is smart to get of San Antonio.

On his Tuesday show, San Antonio’s Mike Taylor took exception to Cowherd’s sentiment, arguing Parker got the attention and credit he deserved, blaming the national media for wanting to focus on larger markets.  Within Texas, Parker was considered a great point guard unrelated to his head coach and better than Steve Nash.

“Another one of these national guys that doesn’t know jack-S about us because he never paid attention to us until now,” said Taylor.  “You don’t get to ignore the Spurs for 20 years and then all of a sudden come in here with some cockamamie made up opinion”

Trying to prove San Antonio players will always be underrated, Cowherd pointed to Leonard’s $500,000 shoe deal, when a lesser player like James Harden in the same state has a $200 million deal with Adidas.  “Everybody knows that Kawhi Leonard only had a $500,000 shoe deal because Kawhi Leonard’s a weird ass,” argued Taylor, noting that when Leonard goes to a major market he still won’t sign a large deal.

Taylor acknowledged the national media would prefer to see Leonard in Los Angeles with LeBron because it’s a bigger market and better story.  Regarding Cowherd, it “benefits his radio show to have all the elite players in all of the elite markets,” said Taylor.

There is no question if Tony Parker had his identical career in New York or Los Angeles, he would be thought of in a different light, but Taylor took issue with Cowherd blaming Popovich and offering any defense for Leonard wanting out.

During his rant, Taylor also jumped on Cowherd for not pronouncing Manu correctly when he said Ginobili was just as underrated as Parker and Leonard are.  “I like Cowherd, but that was a dog-ass segment you just heard he did, it was his worst segment I’ve ever heard him do,” said Taylor “Even if you wanna give me a stupid…dumb segment like that, even if you wanna completely unjustify the $7 million you get paid a year, at least say the guys name right while you’re being totally wrong about what you’re saying in the process”

Taylor did reiterate that he likes Cowherd and will continue to listen to the show.  The Mike Taylor Show airs on 760 The Ticket weekdays from 6-9am, with Cowherd’s syndicated show broadcasting on the same station from 11am-2pm.

Brandon Contes is a freelance writer for BSM. He can be found on Twitter @BrandonContes. To reach him by email click here.

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