Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Facebook Courting Ronaldo for Reality Show

Facebook is trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for a reality show similar to the one it produced with Tom Brady last year. 2018 saw Ronaldo and Portugal have a roller coaster World Cup run, and will also see the soccer superstar join a new team Juventus.

According to Variety, Facebook has offered Ronaldo $10 million for 13 episodes, which would be available exclusively on Facebook Watch. The initial offer would see Religion of Sports, a team made up of Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady and Michael Strahan, produce the show.

Awful Announcing’s Phillip Bupp says the deal is a no brainer for a global brand like Facebook.

While Tom Brady is one of the most legendary athletes in the United States, a Ronaldo reality show would dwarf Brady in terms of worldwide appeal. So Facebook is surely looking to invest and go big. And coming off the recent World Cup and the move from Real Madrid to Juventus, this would come at the perfect time. It could also be a nice complement for First Team: Juventus, Netflix’s reality show.

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