Wed. Aug 15th, 2018

Craig Carton Launches New Podcast With Podible

A podcast, a partnership with Twitch, the FNTSY Sports Network and terrestrial syndication, former WFAN morning host Craig Carton has done everything except try to hide from the public eye since being arrested last September.  His outreach continued last week after Carton joined the podcast platform, Podible.

Carton first entered the podcast realm in November 2017, after acknowledging he didn’t love the format, he joined the FNTSY Sports Network to host a more traditional radio show, better suited for his talents.  Through his partnership with Podible, Carton is reentering the podcast world, but now it’s by short-form design.

“It’s 5 minutes daily at 5PM, a lot of people are coming home from work and de-stressing from their day in the office,” said Carton while speaking with Medium.  “I think it’ll resonate with the people that loved me on the radio who will follow me to the show now,” Carton continued. “I think they’ll be really happy with the content.”

The first Craig Carton Gimme 5 podcast launched Thursday June 28th and continued through the weekend with new episodes available on Saturday and Sunday.  Similar to his radio show, Carton goes beyond sports, offering commentary on a wide range of topics, as proven by the first few show titles:

“The Secret Menu Episode”
“Kids Have Gone SOFT”
“Herpes and Terrorism”

Founded in 2017, Podible separates itself from other podcast platforms through its ability to match new podcasts for listeners based on their individual interests.  According to an article from Fast Company earlier this year, “Podible picks new podcasts for listeners based on an algorithm that culls data from their listening history, including played episodes, saved episodes, and followed shows.”

Recognizing the lack of spare time people generally have, Carton believes combining Podible, which makes it easier for listeners to find shows they’ll have interest in, with a short-form podcast will be a success.

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