Thu. Aug 16th, 2018

Browns’ QB RV is Off Limits to Hard Knocks

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield purchased an RV before the start of training camp. The two have told the media that it is off limits to everyone except for Browns quarterbacks. It seems that “everyone” includes the cameras that will be filming training camp for HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Drew Stanton ordered Mayfield to buy the RV and bring it to training camp so that quarterbacks would have a place to relax. Mayfield told ESPN that relaxation to him means no cameras ever. He apparently can do that because the RV is Mayfield’s property and Mayfield has the right to restrict access to his home.

Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing says he hopes that Hard Knocks will make a storyline out of being shut out of the RV.

It would be fascinating to see if HBO could get around this somehow. The quarterbacks seem to be having a good time with their secret space (although they’ve said any offensive player can enter and linemen are given “VIP access”) but it would be fun to see HBO try to get in each week in new, creative ways to find out what really goes on in there.

Players in the past have restricted Hard Knocks’ access to them or to their routines. The most notable was James Harrison in 2013 when the show followed the Cincinnati Bengals.

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