Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Andres Cantor Used NHL to Warm Up for World Cup

This week’s “Media Circus” column over at The Athletic features Richard Deitsch’s chat with one of the best known Spanish language broadcasters around. Andrés Cantor talks about being back on TV for Telemundo during the World Cup for the first time since 1998, how broadcasters have been treated in Russia, and how he lost 55 pounds.

The real attention grabber of the piece though comes when Deitsch asks Cantor about the goal Columbia scored against England in the round of 16.

Deitsch said he felt the call was on another level even for Cantor, who is known for his extravagant and drawn out goal calls.

You did. You heard it and sensed it correctly. As I am speaking to you, there had been 25 goals in the World Cup scored from the 85th minute on. If you looked at the clock, there had been five minutes added on and the corner kick (from Colombia) came off at I believe 93:20. So the way it was scored, the drama behind the elimination of Colombia which would have been a minute away and that it was against England, who had been one of the best teams defending against aerial play, it was just incredible. I let it all out because of the importance. I always say the goal call is punctuated and dictated by the importance of the goal. The sixth goal of a 5-0 match is a regular goal call, but a goal of the importance of the Colombia or the Argentina goal against Nigeria three minutes to the end I gave it all out. I called it with passion, with fervor, and all I had left in the tank. Then I thought: Now we go into overtime.

The two also talked about Cantor’s love of the NBA and how NBC/Universal used the NHL to get the Argentine some warmup reps before he was sent to Russia.

Deitsch: How much interest do you have in calling another sport?

Cantor: Telemundo had the NBA Spanish rights and I like the NBA very much. I was involved as the host of the broadcast. That was as close as I got to doing something with the NBA. I’m not sure it would translate. I am a soccer broadcaster. I would like to think I have the flexibility to do other sports, and I have called boxing and tennis for Univision back in the day. I can certainly do them, but soccer is my thing. As much as I would love to be around the NBA, tennis or boxing, I think there would be another role for me like host and leave the play-by-play to specialized talent.

Deitsch: I’d love to hear you call a game-winning basket by LeBron James to win the NBA Finals.

Cantor: Well in the prep to the World Cup, because we are owned by Comcast/NBC, I was invited to do the booth during an NHL game and I called a hockey goal the way I call a soccer goal. That got some attention.

The full interview is terrific and you can read it here!

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