Sat. Aug 18th, 2018

Kobe Bryant’s Show ‘Detail’ May Expand to Other Sports

ESPN+ doesn’t release audience numbers, so we don’t know how many people have watched Kobe Bryant’s NBA breakdown show Detail on the streaming service, but Bryant is already planning the next phase of the show. In an interview with Tim Bontemps from the Washington Post, Kobe said that he is looking to expand the show to other sports.

“We’re extremely happy,” he said. “We’re very happy with how it’s come out and what the response has been to it. We’re all pretty thrilled about it, and also the opportunity of other minds and other experts in your fields doing similar things. It’s just very exciting for this next generation of athletes to be able to have access to such experienced minds and to be able to learn from them at a much, much younger stage to … speed up their learning curve.”

You did read that right: Bryant said “minds” when talking about the next generation of athletes having access to stars of today, and yesterday, dispensing wisdom on how they watch the game and what they see in today’s players. His goal, though he said nothing has been agreed to yet with ESPN, is to expand the series beyond him talking about basketball.

“We’re already planning ahead,” he said. “We’re looking at taking ‘Detail’ and expanding it actually and moving ‘Detail’ into other sports.”

Detail seemed more like an instructional video than an entertainment product. Awful Announcing described its visual style as “wonky” and “geared to basketball players looking to improve their games.” Are there enough other athletes that want to present that same kind of product? It doesn’t seem like it would expand their media presence the way being a more traditional analyst would.

Kobe says that there is no deal in place with ESPN for a second season of Detail, let alone spinoff versions for other sports. It is hard to know who Kobe might have in mind as guest experts.

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