Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

Great Father’s Day Sports Radio Programming

With Father’s Day approaching, it is an excellent opportunity to create a special day of programming on your station. Additionally, it’s a great time to continue to build that connection with your listeners. Here are a myriad of ways to make your station sound special on Father’s Day:

  • Special imaging/produced vignettes with hosts talking about their fathers and what it’s like to be a father. 
  • Having the children of the male hosts call into their shows or record “Happy Father’s Day” messages.
  • Producing special rejoins including Father-related music and movie drops. 
  • Book interviews with famous sports fathers and/or their children for Sunday’s shows.

One of the most poignant Father’s Day interviews that I have ever been involved with was a SiriusXM College Sports interview with College Basketball Coaches Scott and Bryce Drew and their father Homer Drew. Homer was the longtime coach at Valpo, Scott rebuilt the Baylor program into a perennial Final Four contender, and Bryce is now the Head Coach at Vanderbilt after following his father as the Head Coach of Valpo for five years. 

SiriusXM Host Chris Childers did this remarkable interview and talks about what it was like, “The interview was very unique and perfect for the day. It’s rare time when you get all three of those guys in a very comfortable environment where they are all together. They were laid back and honest and you could tell how much they love and support each other. Both sons were so eager and excited to talk about how much their dad meant to them from a life and basketball perspective.”

There are so many possibilities for terrific father’s day interviews. In baseball alone, there are a ton of great options. Look at fathers and sons who both played baseball: Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr.; Cal and Billy Ripken to talk about their father Cal Sr.; Barry Bonds to talk about his father Bobby;  Mookie Wilson and his son Preston; and especially Tony Gwynn, Jr. who hosts afternoons on the new 97.3 The Fan in San Diego. 

Why do all this? It does take extra work, planning, and execution. By working like this, you’re tapping into the emotional relationship between a father and his children and vice-versa. It’s an opportunity to show the soul of the radio station. It shows that your station has a heart and understands that this is a special day for your listeners. People are always trying to turn P2s into P1s and P1s into Super P1s. It’s this emotional connection that you can make on nostalgic holidays like Father’s Day that can help strengthen the bond between the listener and the radio station. 

So don’t hesitate. Make Sunday and any other holiday (Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving) a special broadcast day to bring your listeners closer to you, closer to your station. This will build your audience and transform your listeners into fans of your station. And don’t forget to have fun with it too!  

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