Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

Denver Post Editor Appalled by Rockies’ Joke on Twitter

In April, the Denver Post published an article titled “The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Coors Field”. There was a big problem though. Let’s see if you can spot it.

That’s not Coors Field.

The paper used a picture of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia for the article. Oops.

The Colorado Rockies are in Philadelphia this week to take on the Phillies, and their social media department decided to have some fun at the Denver Post’s expense.

It was a funny dig and largely harmless, right?

That’s not the way Sara Grant saw it. She is the editor of “The Know,” which is the entertainment section of the Denver Post. She took to twitter once with ALL CAPS OUTRAGE!

And then followed that up by letting the internet know she was appalled!

This seems like an overreaction, right? The Rockies’ social media team wasn’t being malicious. They didn’t even call the Denver Post out by name. Either way, the Rockies tried to smooth things over, but note they didn’t apologize.

We’ll bring you more on Not-Coors-Field Gate as it develops.

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