Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

Dale Jr Download Debuts June 21 on NBCSN

NBC will begin its fourth year covering NASCAR’s Monster Cup series on July 1st. Before that, they will cover the circuit via special programming on NBCSN. NASCAR America returns in its usual 5pm slot on weekdays. Starting June 21st, the show will be followed by a new series called the Dale Jr Download.

The show will take viewers into the studio (or in this case, living room), where NBC’s newest NASCAR analyst Dale Earnhardt Jr records his weekly podcast. The cable network has high expectations for the show given Earnhardt’s large fan base. He was named NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver an unprecedented 15 years in a row from 2003 to 2017.

New episodes air every Thursday at 5:30pm. The first episode centers on Father’s Day. Dale Jr. will be telling stories of his kids coming to the race track, how the way he thought about racing changed after having kids, and of course he will talk about the advice he received from his famous father when he decided that he wanted to follow in Dale Sr’s footsteps.

The Dale Jr Download is co-hosted by Mike Davis and has been produced by Earnhardt’s own Dirty Mo Media as a weekly podcast since 2013.

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