Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Curt Schilling Launching Breitbart Podcast

Three-time World Series Champion and former ESPN analyst, Curt Schilling, announced his new podcast as part of the Breitbart network, The Curt Schilling Podcast.

Schilling views Breitbart News as a credible and honest source, even though he recognizes the platform’s strong tilt to the right.

“After being fired by ESPN for my conservative opinions, I arrived here at Breitbart News, which I consider the last bastion of actual journalism. Yes, it’s openly conservative, but as much as liberals despise us they can’t deny the facts behind the arguments.”

Although Schilling points to his conservative opinions for the reason he is no longer with ESPN, the former All-Star pitcher was suspended from the network in 2015 and fired in 2016 after sharing offensive viewpoints on social media.  In 2016, shortly after leaving ESPN, Schilling began hosting a live call-in show for Breitbart titled, Whatever it Takes.  The Curt Schilling Podcast will build off his previous show, offering listeners his strong opinions on politics, news and sports.

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow says Schilling is a man perfectly suited for this moment in our national debate: “Curt is a pro broadcaster, a patriot, and he’s fearless. He’s a perfect voice for this news moment, and podcasting is the medium that we believe will best deliver Curt’s content to our audience.”

The Curt Schilling Podcast can be listened to every weekday via

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