Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

Ravanos and McComas to Host Chewing Clock Podcast

Armchair All-Americans is launching a new, daily college football podcast. Chewing Clock features former SB Nation Radio and Buzz Sports Radio (Raleigh, NC) host Demetri Ravanos and Sportstalk 1400 (Norman, OK) host Tyler McComas.

“Podcasts are beginning to take over radio for the go-to in sports talk on a commute, but often are too long to get through on a single trip to and from work. Demetri and Tyler will have college football fans covered everyday with a quick and easy to listen to podcast,” says Rob Paul, Armchair’s Media Director.

Ravanos and McComas have strong college football backgrounds. Ravanos has covered the SEC and the ACC for outlets across the Carolinas. McComas has covered the Oklahoma Sooners for Sportstalk 1400 in Norman, 247sports.com, and Boyd Street Magazine. The two met as columnists covering the sports media industry for Barrett Sports Media

“I am a total nerd for college football,” says McComas. “Naturally, when you’re really passionate about something, you want to talk about it as much as possible. For me, the decision to join Chewing Clock was simple.”

“This isn’t a ‘Sports radio is dead! Long live podcasts!’ kind of thing,” Ravanos added. “We’re not trying to replace anyone’s favorite sports radio show, but if you really love college football, you know it can be hard to find discussion of the sport everyday on the air. That’s why we created Chewing Clock. It gives fans something new everyday and it is so short that it won’t create a log jam in your podcast playlist.”

Armchair’s Editor-In-Chief, Alex Reynolds praised the new additions to his team saying, “We are confident that bringing in two hardened broadcast professionals in Tyler and Demetri will lead to improved quality and recognition across the board. We are extremely excited for the qualities they are bringing to the Armchair Media Network.”

ArmchairAllAmericans.com was born in the spring of 2015 at a few select schools throughout the SEC. The company has since expanded to over 200 locations across the country covering all major pro and college sports. The site currently hosts more than 15 team-specific podcasts.

The debut episode of Chewing Clock was released this morning, but college football fans can stay aware of updates by subscribing now on iTunes and Stitcher. The show can also be downloaded each day directly from ArmchairAllAmericans.com.

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