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D1Baseball Podcast

Title: Podcast – Top 25 Podcast

Date: May 7th, 2018

Length: 29 minutes

Hosts: Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers

Extra: You can listen on iTunes or


Think about the one single thing you know most about. Maybe it’s a long-running TV show or the job you spend countless hours at each day. Whatever your answer is, the capacity of knowledge on the subject you chose, probably can’t match how much Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers know about college baseball.

Hosts of the Podcast, Fitt and Rogers are all-in on providing the best college baseball analysis anywhere you look. They cement that position by traveling every weekend to the biggest series in the country and bringing their product to podcast form, adding to the claim that nobody does college baseball better than Fitt and Rogers. But let’s be honest, in a sport where most casual fans only know a handful of players, how does a college baseball podcast work when the names aren’t as big as other sports? Fitt and Rogers have overcome that obstacle by using advice that everyone has heard: K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple, Stupid.

The focus is placed first and foremost on the things that matter most to college baseball fans: Who’s in line to host a regional, what are the Top 25 rankings and who is on the bubble of making or missing the NCAA Tournament? Though Fitt and Rogers could certainly do it, only the extremely hardcore fan is wondering if Clemson’s No. 3 starter is strong enough for the Tigers to make a run at the College World Series. Odds are, if you’re listening, you’re way more interested in hearing about your team’s postseason chances, and the major storylines happening in the world of college baseball. I feel like both guys do a good job of not straying away from what the listener really wants to hear.

In my opinion, Podcast, gets a huge boost from the travel that both Fitt and Rogers put in during the week. By making it a point to cover several games throughout the season, the podcast benefits by having insight that most others can’t provide. Instead of just catching a game or two on TV throughout the week, D1Baseball tells you what the atmosphere at the ballpark was like, what the head coach said after his team’s extra inning win, or what the true freshman offered on the field after his walk-off hit against a rival school. Building relationships leads to gaining access that others won’t get, and those things make a difference in having the premiere podcast in your niche market. It’s safe to say that Fitt and Rogers’ constant grind has paid off.

Final thoughts:

Though the podcast doesn’t have a ton of production features, there’s a good music bed that sets Fitt nicely into his intro in the beginning minutes of the podcast. Though it didn’t take away from this particular episode, I do feel a more concentrated effort on production (audio drops from players/coaches, radio calls from the weekend’s biggest moments, etc.) could really take D1Baseball to another level. The talent and analysis is there, but a few more small things could prove to be extremely beneficial for this podcast.

As I mentioned before, you won’t find better college baseball analysis than what D1Baseball provides. These guys know more about your favorite team than you do. When Omaha comes around, you bet Fitt and Rogers will be in the middle of all the action, and just when college baseball is at its peak for the season, I have a feeling the D1Baseball Podcast will be, too.

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