Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

What Motivates You?

What motivates you?

It’s a pretty standard interview question and one I’ve probably asked to 90% of the applicants I’ve talked to in my days (the other 10% I just forgot to ask). I prefer the person respond very quickly by shouting, “MONEY!” but any answer is OK with me, as long as money is included in it.

Family, faith, saving the world, overall happiness or any of the other answers people will generally give are good and all, but I want money hungry, competitive beasts who want to be financially successful more than anything in the world. Like the great Ric Flair himself, I want the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!

I’ve always believed good radio sellers need to have a bit of swagger. Swagger usually comes from confidence and nobody is more confident than someone who is doing well financially. On the flip side, we’ve all seen sellers who are down on their luck that have a look that doesn’t exude a bit of confidence, which doesn’t mix well with someone who may also be pressing to try and get something, anything sold. When the confidence level is high, the client or prospect is much more likely to feel the same way about what you’re offering and be excited to do business with you.

I’ve written before about the competitive nature of what we do and that I see it trending in a direction where people really aren’t concerned with where they rank. It’s simply a world of “how am I doing,” and that’s it. Gone are the days of wanting to be the top biller, not just because of the money you made, but also because that meant you were better than everyone else.

When I identify someone who really fits the bill of the money-driven seller, I like to find out what they want the money for. Sure, everyone thinks of big salaries or commission checks, but most the time it relates to a desired purchase with that money. Is it a new, bigger house? A new car? A boat? Private school for the kids?

Visualization is a big thing in sports. Athletes are often taught to visualize the race, game or competition ahead and see themselves performing and winning. For the motivated media seller, it’s about visualizing the future and what that “dangling carrot” is that’s out there.

I worked with a guy once who constantly talked about wanting a Porsche 911. He had a picture of the one he wanted pinned up in his cube and everyone in the office knew how much he needed to make to be able to afford it. He talked about it, a lot. While it drove everyone else crazy, it drove him to bust his tail every day. As he got closer, you couldn’t help but root for the guy and eventually, he got the car. Fortunately for the company we worked for at the time, he didn’t stop when he got it, he simply picked the next thing he wanted and started all over again.

Not everyone needs to be as crazy as he was about it, but everyone should have something that is pushing them to do more. There are too many times you can get down or get in a rut and need the extra motivation to make the calls, to do the walk-ins, to go to the networking lunch or any of the other things you may have going on. Having more money will do the trick for most so motivate yourself with a financial goal and work hard to make it rain.

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