Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

The Last Days of Knight Documentary Planned For ESPN+

In addition to offering more than 10,000 live sports events, the new direct-to-consumer sports streaming service, ESPN+, will also produce its own original content. ESPN announced a new 30 for 30 documentary titled, The Last Days of Knight, which will be available exclusively on ESPN+.

“Bob Knight was an extraordinary coach, a giant in the sport, and a hero in Indiana. The Last Days of Knight describes in detail how and why Knight’s storied career at Indiana ended the way it did. It also finally tells the story of why Neil Reed went public with me, and how that decision changed his life,” said director Robert Abbott in ESPN’s press release.

In 1999, Abbott, a producer for CNN/SI at the time, began investigating a report he received which stated IU head basketball coach, Bob Knight, choked a player in practice. Knight, a coaching legend who led Indiana to three national titles, was fired soon after video of the incident surfaced in March, 2000. According to Abbott, who directs and narrates the piece, “much of the story had never been told before.”

The release date of the upcoming 30 for 30 was not announced, but ESPN+ will launch April 12th with a Netflix-like library of content, providing subscribers the entire archive of 30 for 30 films.

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