Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Kristine Leahy Leaving The Herd to Launch New FS1 Show

Today, Thursday, will be Kristine Leahy’s last day as part of The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports Radio and FS1. Leahy announced she would be leaving during Wednesday’s show, what’s next for the TV-host has yet to be determined, but it will be a project on Fox Sports.

According to The Big Lead, Leahy is expected to anchor her own show. It will most likely be a 30-minute weekday afternoon program launching at the end of the summer or beginning of the fall, specifics are still being discussed.

Leahy joined Cowherd for the start of his show on FS1 in 2015. “We started, we were kind of this new thing at FS1, and I remember that lunch that we had together, and you took a huge risk, cause this was your show, you hadn’t had this role before. But now you do, and that was a risk, and I just can’t thank you enough,” Leahy said

Acknowledging Leahy’s contributions to the show, Cowherd told his co-host, “105 percent growth since you came on the show, what people may not realize is that three out of four weekends, you don’t hang out, you go work.”

“It never felt like work to me. It just felt like fun, coming to work and debating you and it’s been amazing. This is crazy, but I’m excited for the next adventure,” said Leahy.

After Wednesday’s episode of The Herd, Leahy took to Twitter to discuss her departure, “Two and a half years of moments like these, arguments about LeBron and Russ, and many life stories. Bittersweet to announce that I am leaving The Herd to host my own show starting this Fall on FS1. I am so excited to share details in the coming weeks, and I hope you’ll watch.”

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