Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Jeremy Guthrie to Make MLB Broadcast Debut

Former Major League Baseball pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie, will make his broadcast debut on Wednesday as part of this week’s Facebook broadcast.

“I have interest in this for sure,” Guthrie told Pete Grathoff of The Kansas City Star. “It’s a great way to stay close to the game and stay involved in something you really love while at the same time having a little bit more flexibility than maybe some of the other positions that former players might take in order to stay close to the game. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for me, and even though it’s just one game right now, I very much look forward to it.”

For Guthrie, it’s an added bonus that his former team, the Royals, will be taking part in Wednesday’s game. The 25 games being streamed by Facebook this season are being handled by MLB Network. Rather than have the same broadcast team each week, the network has attempted to place analysts in the booth that have connections to the teams playing in each game.

The first broadcast had Cliff Floyd and John Kruk as analysts for a Mets–Phillies matchup. Floyd will join Guthrie for Wednesday’s broadcast, although he never played for the Blue Jays, his association to the team is the five seasons he spent in Canada playing for the since extinct Montreal Expos.

Although the first broadcast received an unnecessary amount of backlash from fans, the critics were toned down for last week’s Facebook stream. One of the main complaints viewers have for national broadcasts is the announcers’ lack of knowledge for the teams on the field. To counter that issue, MLB Network and Facebook are rotating analysts to provide fans with broadcasters they can relate to.

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