Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Plays Defense

ESPN continues to star hunt, searching for Jon Gruden’s replacement in their Monday Night Football booth. After being declined by Peyton Manning, ESPN turned to another Hall-of-Fame quarterback and gave Brett Favre a tryout. However, according to Andrew Marchand of The New York Post, Favre’s audition was less than impressive.

Marchand learned through sources, Favre was told he is no longer under consideration for the MNF analyst role following his tryout. As reports circled the media regarding Favre’s “failed” audition, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback took to Twitter, offering his perspective.

“Wanted to clear something up from today’s press on me and ESPN. Truth is I had a good meeting about possibly joining the MNF crew. I was intrigued when they called yet not sure I want to pursue a broadcasting career right now. I wish them the best of luck and a great season.”

Favre’s name is certainly big enough to garner networks’ attention and he has Hall-of-Fame credentials, which as Mike Mayock recently noted, without the heralded gold jacket, it’s tough to land a top gig. Still, he would have been a surprise choice to land in the MNF booth.

Unlike Peyton Manning, Favre hasn’t spent a lot of time on camera. Favre was known for having a fun personality in the locker room, but when on camera he hasn’t shown the delivery, energy and voice variation needed to be a top analyst.

It should also be noted, the sports media industry was hit hard by the #MeToo movement, requiring many networks to conduct house cleaning. Following Favre’s tenure with the New York Jets, the quarterback was accused of sexual harassment by Jenn Sterger and two massage therapists. If Favre filled one of the most high-profile hires since the #MeToo movement started, the employing network would open themselves up for a lot of interesting questions.

In addition to Favre’s questionable behavior toward women, Sterger accused ESPN themselves of sexual harassment and having a frat-house like atmosphere when she interviewed with the company in 2006. ESPN has been rumored to have interest in a variety of candidates for the MNF analyst job. In terms of their interest in Brett Favre, it’s probably best for both the network and the retired quarterback, that their relationship goes no further than his audition.

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