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Tyler’s Take: Cut4Cast

Title: Cut4Cast episode 143

Date: March 26th, 2018

Length: 38 minutes

Hosts: Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Chris Landers

Extra: You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or MLB.com


Can you believe it’s already Opening Week in Major League Baseball? It seems like, just yesterday, when the Washington Nationals lost (once again) in the NLDS. Sorry, that’s the Braves fan in me talking. My team will strive to finish 4th in the NL East, while the Nats try to do something they’ve never done before, win a playoff series. Okay, I’m done.

There’s so much that happens during the course of a baseball game that can be discussed. From the food, to the entertainment in between innings, to even the mascots, much can be debated and discussed on a podcast about the nuances of the game. Sure, the hardcore baseball fan may crave stats and analytics, but Cut4Cast takes thing in a less-serious tone that makes for a fun listen.

Cut4Cast does a great job of highlighting everything that’s fun about being at the ballpark. That’s a cool and unique approach. I felt like I got a slice of info from numerous ballparks across the country, which made this podcast a fun listen in the opening minutes. Whether it’s a cool promotion or a brand new food item making its debut, Cut4Cast showed the delicacies of what MLB stadiums have to offer in 2018. Great food is a huge advantage to being at the ballpark and I thought it was a fun listen to hear the trio spend time to discuss all the new items.

While I got a mix of the lighter things baseball has to offer, I did get enough talk on the major stories to quench my excitement for Opening Day. For instance, the biggest story in baseball this year is how deadly Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton will be in the middle of the order for the Yankees. A conversation was brought up that centered on the possibility of the duo combining for over 100 home runs. It was an interesting conversation, but only as Dakota, Gemma and Chris could do, the discussion quickly went from serious to a funny conversation that had little to do with the previous discussion. They’ve developed a certain style for their podcast and it has shown to resonate with baseball fans.

The energy and youth is also something I really enjoyed with Cut4Cast. Millennials don’t seem to be rushing to the TV to watch their favorite baseball team, but the youthful nature of this podcast shows ways to continue to get the younger crowd out to the ballpark.  Whether it was a conversation about Ichiro, or if Tim Tebow will finally get the call to the big leagues, I enjoyed how much fun they seem to have doing the podcast. That comes over the speakers well and makes fans feel connected to what they’re listening to.

Final Thoughts:

162 regular season games, means there are few games on the schedule that have an intense feel. For that reason, going to a baseball game is usually a relaxing experience for the regular fan. Cut4Cast does a great job of relating to the everyday baseball fan, who likes the atmosphere of the ballpark, just as much as he or she likes the product on the field. Every hardcore baseball fan dreams of having the opportunity to visit every stadium in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for most people. However, by listening to Cut4Cat, you’ll get a sense of what else is out there. In a lot of ways, they bring the ballpark experience to you. The next-best thing to actually being there is getting a sense of what’s like, this podcast put me in the bleachers before Opening Day even got here.

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