Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

SiriusXM to Launch Video Streaming Service

SiriusXM announced they will launch a video service before July, 2018. The platform will begin with content from over 30 years of Howard Stern’s video library.

Originally planned to be developed after Stern signed his current five-year contract with Sirius in 2015, the service will be introduced during the company’s second quarter this year.

“I know our Howard customers absolutely are going to want Howard video,” CEO Jim Meyer said during his recent earnings call with Wall Street. “I don’t even need to do the research. Howard customers want one thing: more Howard.”

Sirius recognizes the value of a streaming service for the future of attracting new subscribers. Stern show content will dominate the service during its inception, but with multiple channels dedicated sports, comedy, news and specific music genres, Sirius owns thousands of hours of unused video. SiriusXM could also conceivably offer live-streaming channels in the future, potentially acquiring sports broadcast rights.

“Our video offering in 2018 will be included as part of the All Access package, and I’m hoping it helps us sell more all-access programming,” said Meyer. The All Access package costs $20.99 per month, about $5 more than the regular service.

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