Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

ESPN Announces Plans For ESPN Plus Streaming Service

With the prevalence of cord-cutting, TV networks need to stay ahead of the curve, adapting to remain relevant. Last summer Disney shared plans to launch an ESPN streaming service through their rebranded app, titled ESPN Plus. ESPN announced their upcoming streaming service will cost consumers $4.99 per month when it’s made available this spring.

“There are signs that young people are coming into multi-channel television. People that were once called or thought to be cord-nevers are starting to adopt less expensive over-the-top packages,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said.

ESPN Plus will offer consumers the ability to live-stream its channels as long as they’re an ESPN subscriber. The platform will also provide programming that is not available on current linear TV channels, featuring nearly 10,000 new sporting events each year, in addition to the 16,000 events ESPN already broadcasts.

ESPN Plus will be available on Apple iOS, Android and ChromeCast. The streaming service was developed with the help of BAMTech, a global leader in streaming technology which ESPN purchased from Major League Baseball last August.

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