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Tyler’s Take: The Raw Mike Richards Show

Title: The Raw Mike Richards Show

Date: January 21, 2018

Length: 60 minutes

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It’s always a plus when you begin a new podcast by hearing a rock song in the intro that you immediately love. Such was the case with the Raw Mike Richards Show as ‘Not like Me’ from Laugh at the Fakes came in fast and set the tempo for the opening minutes of the show. In fact, the first three minutes felt like I was listening to a show on a rock station with the music still playing in the background as Mike did the intro. That was a unique twist that I haven’t heard applied by anyone else and I enjoyed it. But it was more than just the way it sounded. When I read the word ‘Raw’ along with Mike Richards Show, I had an instant expectation that I was about to listen to something uncensored and original. The instance of the hard rock song fit the expectation I had for the show. Its small details like this that make a podcast great.

Along with Mike, I enjoyed David Bastl in this episode. I felt his information was good and the back-and-forth conversations with Mike were entertaining. After a few minutes of NFL talk from the weekends’ games, the conversation randomly switched to pizza and what the best topping is. That’s where I truly heard Mike shine. After producer Russ Graaham revealed he’d pick cheese over pepperoni as a topping, Mike broke into “Italian Tony,” which consisted of talking in an accent that sounded like an old Italian man busting Graaham’s balls. The impersonation was hilarious and had me laughing, but the Italian music in the background provided the perfect touch.

What I liked about this podcast is that it kept me on my toes. Just when I thought I was about to hear several minutes of NFL talk, Mike and David changed the subject to fried chicken. The randomness of subjects fit well with the title of the podcast. The drops and music beds also added to the presentation of the episode but it was Mike’s voices and impersonations which were the real highlight.

At the 26-minute mark Clark Judge from the Talk of Fame Network joined the podcast to recap the AFC Championship game from Sunday. This was important because after listening to a podcast for nearly 30 minutes, the last thing I want to hear is a guest that brings down the energy. Thankfully, Clark brought it on his appearance. His energy and pace matched Mike’s and made for a quality interview. Plus, Tom Brady’s comeback was the biggest sports story of the weekend. With his emphasis on the Patriots, I think Clark’s stories added to the conversation.

The YouTube feature of the podcast is another reason to check this out. Listeners can see the guys live and the videos they play on the show. A great instance of this, was the video of young Japanese hockey player Aiti Iguchi. The kid’s handle of the puck was really impressive, but again, Mike’s commentary during the video made me laugh. I can admit that hockey falls way down the list for me in terms of my sports hierarchy, but it’s telling that I was still entertained and engaged during several minutes of hockey talk. That’s true talent from the hosts.

Final Thoughts:

I love Mike’s humor and personality. I know I’ve referenced it a few times, but the voices and impersonations really made this podcast shine. There’s a level of commitment to the product that I appreciate and enjoy. Sure, some of the best moments are just improvised, but you can also tell when the hosts have planned things out and dug deep into the content.

The production of the podcast is off the charts. I loved the fact that they developed their own theme song which can be heard opening and closing each episode. The introduction of YouTube clips were also great and provided a unique touch to the show. You can tell Mike is fully invested in the show because he has it available on several platforms and promotes it consistently.

When I decided to listen to this show, I wanted to feel like I was getting a product that matched the name – Raw Mike Richards Show. What I left with, was this: These guys enjoy being free and creative with their own content. It reveals their personalities and makes for a fun listen. Although they bust their asses to create a good show, they don’t take things for granted. It takes time and commitment to build a successful podcast and it’s clear that the Raw Mike Richards Show has the right approach to standing out.

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