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Tyler’s Take: SEC Country Alabama

Title: SEC Country’s Alabama Podcast Episode 352

Date: January 8th, 2018

Length: 42 minutes 16 seconds

Host: Ryan Fowler

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First off, what a football game. Nick Saban is the best coach in college football history, Tua Tagovailoa is the next big thing in college football and the Bama dynasty is alive and well. Man, all of that hurts to say, but let’s get back to the real reason why we’re here.

Last week, I reviewed the DawgNation Daily podcast, entering the Rose Bowl and came away impressed. So, this week, it only made sense to do the same with an Alabama podcast heading into the national championship game. I settled on the SEC Country Alabama podcast after seeing an episode titled ‘The real reason why Alabama will beat Georgia and win another national championship.’ If you read my previous review then you already know I’m big on quality teases with episodes. For someone that’s quickly searching for a new podcast to listen to, you have to differentiate yourself. Drawing in the listener by making them curious is a great way to do that.

Ryan Fowler is the sole host of the podcast and displays his impressive radio chops. His flow, content and delivery are all very good and sets a good pace to the opening of the podcast. After setting the scene and giving a few opinions in the opening minutes, ESPN college football analyst Brad Edwards joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming Alabama-Georgia game. If you like hard-hitting football talk, complete with X’s and O’s, this podcast is going to appeal to you. Fowler and Edwards held an intriguing 20-minute conversation about the game and attacked it from several different angles. There were a ton of intriguing story lines in this game, such as Nick Saban vs. Kirby Smart, the quick turnaround for both teams and Jake Fromm trying to be the first freshman since 1985 to win a national title. I was pleased with the way they handled and discussed each one.

Growing an audience and strengthening credibility is something many hosts are trying to do a better job of. A great way to do that is by bringing on big name guests like Edwards who has a ton of cache. Its great pub on social media if teased well, plus it makes new listeners like myself curious. Some hosts view interviews as a way to simply kill a segment. I’ve never understood that. I appreciate when I hear an interview such as Fowler’s with Edwards, which adds to the podcast and brings up fresh content and discussions. Again, have a guest on with a purpose. This episode of SEC Country Alabama got big marks in that category.

What I wanted to hear with this podcast is the breakdown and perspective from the Alabama side. Where does Bama have the biggest advantage? How could they lose the game? What does the future look like with another Alabama national title? Those are just a few of the questions I wanted to know when I listened to SEC Country Alabama. Fowler delivered on all the talking points I was interested in hearing, plus a few more that I hadn’t pondered. He seems passionate about what he’s covering and it comes across well on the mic.

Mike Detitllier of WWL 870 in New Orleans joined the podcast at the 25 minute mark to reflect back on the Sugar Bowl win and the national championship game against Georgia. I loved this particular segment of the podcast, because it sounded like two dudes from the south talking football. There seemed to be a level of connect between the two and it made for a really good interview. Detitllier is well informed, respected and energetic, and I can see why he’s a regular guest of SEC Country Alabama. The man knows his football, but most importantly, he makes it entertaining.

Final Thoughts:

I really like Fowler as a host. Granted, that’s based on listening to just one podcast, but I think he’s a really good talent and I admire his ability. My only issue, is that I didn’t know who was talking to me at the beginning of the podcast. Unless I missed it, and I did listen back, Fowler never told me who he was during the episode. Obviously, that’s not a problem for regular listeners, but for a new one, I wanted to know who I’m listening to.

Both interviews added to the podcast and kept the discussion at a high level. Detitlier is one of the better guests I’ve heard since reviewing podcasts and offered a great outside opinion on Nick Saban and Alabama. Interviews can be entertaining if you make them that way, and the two I heard on this episode delivered.

Overall, SEC Country Alabama gets good marks from me. I’d like to listen to an episode that features more of Fowler’s thoughts, so I’ll be sure to check back for the episode that covers the epic overtime win in Atlanta. It’s important to capitalize off the team’s success, and if Fowler continues doing his job at a high level, SEC Country Alabama will continue to reap the benefits.

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