Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

Now Hear This: Dan Hicken – 1010XL

First off, Happy New Year… 2018… 20 years ago I began my internship with Sports 1140 KHTK in Sacramento… life moves pretty fast sometimes.

OK, you’ve returned from your long winter’s nap and guess what? While you were gone, the team in your market and on your radio station, made the NFL playoffs for the first time in 10 years. Ready? Hell yeah you are. The crew over at 1010 XL 92.5 FM are showing everyone that they can make all the throws and have the Jacksonville Jaguars covered from all angles. As I poked around the podcasts leading into Sunday’s 10-3 home win over Buffalo, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. What I found was gold, Jerry… GOLD.

Dan Hicken has been part of the Jacksonville sports landscape for over 30 years, currently the Senior Sports Anchor for WJAX-TV/WFOX-TV and host of The Drill between 7a-10a ET on 1010 XL 92.5 FM and creator of “Gonna be a Jags Day”. In the middle of a Friday before the Wild Card playoff game I tuned into the afternoon drive show hosted by Frank Frangie and it was there where I heard the morning show’s Jags song being played and now I can’t get the song out of my head. Your team can kill it on-air covering the game but when your host puts out a masterpiece like this, it makes a huge difference, and I’m sure PD Chadd Scott is absolutely loving this time of year.

With limited Googling, I gather that Dan Hicken has recorded quite a few songs over the years. Two questions; how many and is there a website devoted to them? If one exists, please share with the class. Your station is flat out offering more than the average Joe and you are giving every single listener a reason to come back again and again. Adding in production value at this level is remarkable. Well done.

Do me a favor and listen to the song twice then tell me that it didn’t get stuck in your head too. To hear it click here.

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  1. Dan Hicken is the number 1 sports radio personality here in Jacksonville. He is insightful, yet funny as hell! He and Jeff Prosser have been partnered from back in the day when they were both on First Coast News and they took their Sunday Night Show, Sports Final onto the radio on 600 AM, WBWL, The Ball. They moved to 1010XL, WJXL AM and FM, and they are terrific together. Along with Stephen Bute (Beef) and now Lauren Brooks rounding out the team, they are a great listen from 6am to 10am every morning.

    Now, as for his songs, he is no Frank Sinatra, but the songs are great! They fit whatever the theme is at that time. Always good for a laugh. Plus, he uses other team members from the station in his productions.

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