Fri. Aug 17th, 2018

The NBA is Partnering with Twitch

Twitch, a live streaming platform and sub-division of Amazon that specializes in esports broadcasts, is teaming up with the NBA. The league announced a partnership with Twitch will allow the platform to stream select G League games each week.

Twitch’s technological innovations will be used during the broadcast and could be a test for potential changes to future NBA games.

“Our deal with Twitch will be groundbreaking,” NBA G League President Malcolm Turner said in the release promoting the announcement. “By leveraging fan commentary, new technology and a passionate community, Twitch elevates video in a unique, engaging way that resonates with young viewers. We look forward to collaborating with their team to create something truly special for basketball fans.”

Revolutionary ideas from Twitch such as co-streaming will be included in the partnership. Co-streaming allows select Twitch personalities, and even fans, the opportunity to take the video feed and provide their own commentary. Viewers can select and interact with different commentators during the game, creating a more personalized experience.

“From Day 1, the NBA team got what Twitch is all about. We aren’t a traditional sports experience on TV; we are much more,” Michael Aragon, Twitch’s senior vice president of content, said in the release. “From our broadcasters to our engaged community to our interactive product that brings everyone together, collaborating with their team is going to bring a unique experience to basketball fans worldwide. We are thrilled to be working with the NBA G League and look forward to seeing the impact of social video on mainstream sports.”

The live stream will look similar to watching a game on the homepage of The platform has the ability to provide the viewer with a multitude of stats and information on the same screen as the broadcast.

Chatter between fans, on screen graphics, constant access to information and stats are all part of the broadcast, providing a younger generation of fans with the fast paced style they crave. The NBA is in the middle of lengthy broadcast contracts, so this technology will stay in the G League for now.

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