Sun. Aug 19th, 2018

NBC Exec Calls for Total Audience Delivery

The days of the household rating as the only meaningful measurement are over, writes Dan Lovinger, executive VP of advertising sales at NBC Universal Sports Group.

The decline in TV ratings not just for the NFL, but television as a whole, is a daily discussion because TV viewer habits are changing with content being available across multiple platforms. The industry must respond and account for viewership outside just traditional television.

NBC has moved to a “Total Audience Delivery,” or TAD and Lovinger believes the entire industry needs to follow suit. TAD records viewership from linear TV, as well as VOD, OTT and mobile platforms to more accurately depict the audience size of produced content.

TAD is crucial for a broadcast such as Thursday Night Football. TNF is available on a broadcast network, cable network, and streams over multiple digital platforms.

NBC has been selling advertising for The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea under the TAD umbrella. Sponsors buying advertising spots during NBC’s primetime presentation will garner viewers from NBC, NBCSN, the NBC sports app, regardless of if they’re watching live or on demand hours later.

“If you’re a marketer and your time is valuable and your funds are limited, the most important thing you can do is leverage your spend in as many ways as possible. It’s not just our sports on their own. It’s how they play into the portfolio to deliver great value to our advertisers,” Lovinger told The Sports Business Journal last year.

To accurately present the audience size of a sporting event, all viewing platforms must be considered. With the growing production of digital content, sponsors have a difficult time judging where to spend their advertising dollars. Total Audience Delivery helps provide a more precise representation of viewership and allows advertisers to present their message over multiple platforms.

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