Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

Mike Francesa Signs Off at WFAN

After 30 years patrolling the New York radio airwaves, Mike Francesa has wrapped up his legendary run at WFAN. The final show revolved largely around Mike and his callers saying their final goodbyes and reliving historic moments that have taken place on the show throughout the years.

In a surprising twist to end the show, Francesa’s wife Roe, who had never appeared on the program or sought to be in the spotlight at all, called in as his final call to let him know she and his children are his biggest fans and are looking forward to having him home.

Francesa then spent the final 20 minutes thanking his staff, reflecting on his time at The Fan, expressing how he’s cherished the job he’s had for thirty years and encouraging people to chase their dreams and pursue something they’re passionate about and then signed off by showing some rare emotion and letting his audience know he loved them.

To hear Mike’s opening segment, the call with his wife, and Mike’s final segment and sign off, click the audio link below.

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