Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

WWE Considering Producing a Show on Facebook

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE, a big proponent of social media, is in discussions to produce a live weekly show on Facebook. The show would premiere in January and begin streaming Tuesdays at 10pm ET, following SmackDown.

The post SmackDown timeslot is currently filled with 205 Live, a series with participants from their cruiserweight division, 205lbs. or less. As for the new Facebook show, stars from both Raw and SmackDown are expected to be included.

WWE recently trademarked “Mixed Match Challenge,” and one source told Pro Wrestling Sheet, a mixed tag-team challenge has been discussed for the show, involving combinations of male and female wrestlers.

WWE is providing as much as 15.5 hours of content in a span of four days. Last weekend saw 2.5 hours of NXT Takeover, six hours of Survivor Series, three hours of Raw on Monday, and four hours of SmackDown on Tuesday. Factor in at least one additional hour for their Facebook show and you have 15.5 hours from Saturday through Tuesday. Even if WWE is concerned about over-saturation, if Facebook is willing to pay them, they won’t pass up the opportunity.

WWE’s Facebook page currently has 38.6 million likes, with millions more of additional followers when you factor in pages from other shows and talent. With many fans and followers on Facebook, the social media network could provide a great platform for WWE’s next show.

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