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Tylers Take: The Fantasy Footballers

Title: The Fantasy Footballers

Date: November 20th, 2017

Length: 58 minutes

Hosts: Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright.

Extra: You can subscribe on iTunes or on their website at thefantasyfootballers.com


It don’t mean a thing without the ring. Yes, you’re welcome for taking you back to the heyday of the Chicago Bulls in the mid-1990’s. But when you have the hardware, you show it off. In the case of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast, they certainly have the hardware. Hosted by the ‘expert trio’ of Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright, Fantasy Footballers took home several awards at the 2016 People’s Choice Podcast awards, including the Adam Curry People’s Choice Award, Best Fantasy Podcast and Best Sports and Rec, amongst other honors. These guys are on a roll and it’s easy to see why when you give their podcast a listen.

First of all, I’m a huge fan of great production value. I believe it sets the tone of the entire podcast and ties everything together. Fantasy Footballers excel in this area, with well-timed drops and a well-produced open and close. But that wasn’t the only area I gave the podcast high marks in. I contend that the opening minutes of the podcast are the most critical. Especially when you’re dealing with an episode that can exceed 45 minutes. Whether it’s giving a strong opinion, making a joke or even giving exclusive details of a big story, it’s critical that you’re able to draw in the listener in the first couple minutes of an episode. Again, Fantasy Footballers hit the mark by making me laugh in the very first minute of the episode by poking fun at Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman. That moment in the opening minute let me know what these guys are all about. This was the first time I had listened to Fantasy Footballers, and their strong start gave me the instant vibe that it would be fun and entertaining.

The flow of this podcast is very good. That’s an advantage of having three voices involved. I thought everyone was equally included, and Holloway, Moore and Wright’s personalities stand out. When you combine that with the fact that they know what they’re talking about and seem to work well together, you end up with a podcast that has an ability to win awards. In the case of Fantasy Footballers, you may come for the information, but you stay for the entertainment.

Most fantasy football podcasts take the easiest route by devoting their entire episodes to the Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em dilemma. Granted, they do have a place, but I liked the unique content that Fantasy Footballers provided, including the Weekly Rewind and the Rising Stars of the Week. It’s also fun to listen to an entire fantasy football podcast and hear about how EVERYONE in your entire lineup was a disappointment this past week! But that’s fine, I’m over it.

Final thoughts:

I was trying to find one thing that I could offer up as advice to Fantasy Footballers, but they have the hardware, so I’ll shut up. These guys don’t need my help. Despite poorly executed seal sounds, there’s no secret as to why this podcast is a success. They’ve shown a commitment to their product and it’s paid off in a big way. From their impressive website where you can buy fantasy rings and trophies (yes, really) I give kudos to Fantasy Footballers for going all in on a multi-million dollar industry that’s currently booming. Brilliant move.

This podcast gets high marks in several areas. You get what you put in and Fantasy Footballers is living proof of that. They invest a lot and get a lot back. This is the #1 fantasy football podcast available. Bar none. Case closed.

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