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Tyler’s Take: Shutdown Fullcast

Title: Shutdown Fullcast 7.40

Date: 11-13-17

Length: 1 hour

Hosts: Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni and Jason Kirk

Sponsors: None

Extra: You can subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify or Player FM.


Hat tip to BSM columnist Demetri Ravanos for referring this podcast to me, because I’m still laughing at what I just listened to while writing this review. The Shutdown Fullcast, hosted by Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni, and Jason Kirk is a podcast that’s dedicated to college football talk, but with a bit of a twist. Don’t expect to hear why Alabama’s defense is better with a four-man front compared to a three-man front or a breakdown of Ohio State’s blocking schemes. Instead you should expect a well-executed Mack Brown impression, what a pastor in Georgia would sound like if he used the Bulldogs’ loss as an example in his sermon and a lot of hilarious obscenities. All these things make the show a huge success and a podcast that has a huge following. Don’t get me wrong, there’s good information and discussion in this episode too, but these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and that’s where they really shine. All three hosts have great chemistry and seem to legitimately enjoy one another’s company. You can’t fake that. These guys have fun and it benefits every aspect of the show.

I’m not here to play favorites, but I have to admit, Nanni made me laugh on numerous occasions. His quirkiness really works alongside the rest of his co-hosts. In fact, I probably laughed the hardest when he sang ‘Rocky Top’ in the voice of Brady Hoke. If you can take something people all around America love and make it funny, then you really have something. And these guys really have something with this podcast.

SB Nation made a smart move by letting Shutdown Fullcast be an explicit podcast. That way, I can see more of Hall, Nanni and Kirk’s true personality. These guys are best when they’re uncensored, and though it’s not everyone’s style, it fits with this group. This episode reached nearly an hour, which may be tough for most people to listen to in full, but in Nanni’s words, “this podcast is a Kansas State drive. It keeps going and the goal is to be long, not necessarily good, not necessarily end in anything, it’s just to chew f***ing clock.” See what I mean? These guys are hilarious.

I was surprised at the abrupt ending of the podcast with no sort of closing comments or promo. Granted, production quality doesn’t seem to be a huge focal point of the podcast, but this episode felt like it closed in the middle of a conversation. Regardless, I won’t let the lack of a show close affect what I think the final product of this podcast is.

One thing I’d love to hear from these guys, is even more banter on other head coaches. I’m fairly confident they’ve done it in previous episodes, but I never get tired of hearing an Ed Orgeron impersonation, hearing how bad Tommy Tuberville is as a color commentator or how Dana Holgorsen’s nightlife probably consists of late-night casino runs with Redbull and vodka drinks mixed in.

Closing Comments:

When I listen to a podcast I want the hosts to make me laugh and think. When these guys are rolling and the flow is good, they’re as good as it gets. Shutdown Fullcast did a better job at making me laugh, but it also serves the purpose of guys talking about a sport they really know well. These guys have fun and it gives the podcast a feel that most others strive for, but can’t accomplish. They’re not out-thinking themselves with content and stories that nobody else is talking about. Instead, they have the right strategy of sticking to the main storylines, but giving their own personal touch to make it entertaining. For the thousands of followers they already have, this is what fans want to expect when listening.

Something else that might go un-noticed but I appreciated, is the logo on their podcast page. The crooked field goal post fits this podcast perfectly. Props to whoever came up with that imaging idea.

All in all, I give Shutdown Fullcast high marks as the most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to. All three hosts make it sound more like a hobby than a job. I love their ability to do that. If you love college football, hilarious impressions and clever comparisons, this podcast is for you.

Hall, Nanni, Kirk – by the way guys, Oklahoma fans wanted Iowa State to beat Oklahoma State.

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