Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Now Hear This: WFAN Morning Show

14-year starting NFL quarterback. Two-time Super Bowl MVP. 222 consecutive starts.


There are some things that you can count on in life; Christmas will be here on December 25th, New Year’s Day is January 1st and Eli Manning will be behind Center every Sunday…until now. The news came down mid-Tuesday afternoon as announced by the Giants head coach, Ben McAdoo. Once I heard the news, I knew there was only one station I wanted to dial up the following morning and that’s WFAN and Boomer Esiason. To my delight Boomer brought in his buddy Phil Simms to weigh in on the story that has New Yorkers scooping their chins up off of the sidewalk.

In true Boomer fashion, he came out firing right at Ben McAdoo and how poorly the organization handled the situation. This is exactly what I expected from Boomer but once I learned that Phil Simms was in-studio as well, I was curious as to what direction the former legendary Giants quarterback was going to go in. It’s one thing when an ex-athlete that has no ties to a team goes right after the organization in question but when you’re Phil Simms, what should you do? Here’s the thing, Phil doesn’t need any advice from me but regardless, I’m always interested in how former athletes choose to discuss a story like this.

I came away impressed by Phil and how he allowed Boomer to rip into Ben McAdoo and the front office. Once Boomer wrapped up his initial thoughts, Phil echoed that it was handled poorly but he brought up an important question “What’s the point?”  The Giants are going to take a quarterback in the draft and neither Geno Smith nor Davis Webb are going to have a chance whether they light it up in the last five games or not. Former athletes, who played for the team in the same market, can sometimes struggle when put in a situation where they have to be critical of their former team. Nobody wants to make their former employer look bad, especially when you were treated well during your tenure. Phil really had three options here.  He could go right after the team and trash everyone in-sight, shut his mouth and say nothing, or simply steer the ship in a slightly different direction that still manages to add to the story. I absolutely love how Phil navigated this rocky road. It’s exactly what I expected from a broadcaster of Phil Simms caliber but I was impressed nonetheless.

It will be interesting to see where this story goes over the remaining weeks as I’m sure Ben McAdoo and the front office will likely be out sooner or later while Eli will likely take his talents to another team. The big question is, what team will that be? I think there is one team that stands out from the rest. All Eli is going to have to do is talk to his brother about playing at 5,280 feet on Sundays.

Elway on Line 1.

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