Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

Craig Carton Pleads Not Guilty in Court

Following a court appearance when he was first charged in September, Carton pulled a hoodie over his head in an attempt to avoid media-members. Yesterday, the former WFAN host was more prepared.

“I am unequivocally not guilty of what I’m being charged with,” Carton told reporters.

“I was shocked when I was arrested, and even more surprised that the government was accusing me of running a complete sham as they put it, and also saying that I had quote ‘no deals to purchase any tickets at all.’ Their words, not mine.”

Reading from a prepared statement Carton continued: “The real fact is that my business was licensed by the State of New York to sell tickets. The real fact is that I bought and sold thousands of tickets at arenas no more than a few miles from where I stand right now and had pending deals in place to buy and sell many more,” he continued. “The real fact, that you guys couldn’t possibly know, is that about a week and a half ago the government conceded to my lawyers that I had a legitimate ticket-selling business, and that I’ve been selling tickets for a long time.”

Before leaving in a black SUV, Carton closed with, “I fully intend to see this all the way to a not guilty verdict from a jury of my peers.

Upon being arrested in September, Carton was charged with securities and wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit those offenses. The former co-host of the popular Boomer and Carton morning show was accused of convincing investors he and co-defendant Michael Wright had access to blocks of tickets at major events that could be resold for a profit. According to a federal investigation, the received money was then used to pay previous investors and Carton’s gambling debts.

Carton remains free on $500,000 bond and will appear at his next court hearing scheduled for November 30th, a trial date has not been set.

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