Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

Craig Carton Makes First Public Comments Following Arrest

Former WFAN morning host Craig Carton has been quiet since he was arrested for allegedly taking part in a ponzi scheme this past September. That situation led to Carton’s resignation from the New York sports radio station and an exit from the radio industry to focus on his personal affairs.

But after staying silent on the sidelines, and offering statements only thru his attorneys, the former Boomer and Carton co-host broke his silence in an interview with the USA Today.

Carton confirmed that it has killed him to stay quiet for the past two months. As an individual who made his living with his mouth and delivering sharp opinions, remaining silent about his own situation as others drew conclusions about him has been difficult.

According to his attorney Robert Gottlieb, Carton plans to plead “not guilty” at his arraignment on Wednesday. Gottlieb maintains that the charges against Carton are false and his client is prepared to fight them with every ounce of his being.

While Carton fights to prove his innocence, he says the immediate impact on himself and his family has been stressful.

“I was employed for 10 years at my dream job. I have no income now. My life unfortunately is kind of on hold. The last two months have been hell.”

One person who remains in Carton’s corner is New Jersey governor Chris Christie. During a conversation with the USA Today, Christie said, “I believe in Craig and I believe in his goodness as a person. I asked him when this all broke to be honest with me and he said he has done nothing wrong and he is the victim here. Craig has never lied to me before and so if a friend of mine tells me they are being wronged and I believe them – and I do believe Craig – (then) friendship is not just for good times but for difficult times too. That’s when you need to stand up.”

Although the focus right now is to handle his legal issues and rebuild his reputation, Carton admits the sports radio bug remains in his blood and he’s confident this isn’t the end of his broadcasting journey.

“I think about (being on sports radio) every minute of everyday,” Carton added. “You can bet your (butt) that I will do it again at some point.”

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