Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

BSMP2-13: Mark Willard – XTRA Sports 1360

Episode 13 of Season 2 includes a fifty minute conversation with San Diego sports talk show host Mark Willard. The discussion focuses on Willard’s experiences in sports radio in Southern California, the difference in strategy between FOX Sports Radio and ESPN brands, the reasons behind Los Angeles not being a higher rated sports radio market, the pros and cons of working with a former athlete, how to handle social media, reaction to the Mike Felger commentary on Roy Halladay, whether WFAN and ESPN are still as desirable as they once were, working for PD Brian Long and much more.

Also, Jason runs thru this week’s 5 in 5 by sharing his thoughts on the end of Mike and Mike, the approval of the CBS-Entercom merger, another round of layoffs at ESPN, Mike Felger’s critical remarks of Roy Halladay following his death and Barstool Sports gaining its own channel on SiriusXM.


  • Growing up listening to KNBR in the Bay Area
  • Getting his first break to be on-air and call a game
  • Landing a big opportunity with 690 in San Diego
  • Being paired with Tony Bruno and how it helped his career
  • How to judge if your approach is working or not on a national show
  • The differences in LA radio between FOX Sports and ESPN
  • What the benefits and challenges were working at 710 ESPN LA
  • Why Los Angeles sports radio doesn’t rate higher
  • Adjusting back to San Diego after working in Los Angeles
  • How the loss of the Chargers has affected his content strategy
  • Working with a former athlete and the pros and cons to it
  • Navigating social media as a talent and his advice for handling it
  • Reaction to Mike Felger’s commentary last week on Roy Halladay
  • If WFAN and ESPN are still highly attractive sports media jobs
  • Working for Brian Long and how their relationship has evolved
  • Quick Hits: Best SD host, Best radio teacher, SD or LA, Texting baby


Mark’s Twitter handle: @Mark_T_Willard


Be sure to check out Mark’s new podcast, Ballers and Babies. You can hear the first episode by clicking here.

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