Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

Barstool Gains 24/7 Radio Channel on SiriusXM

Just less than a year ago Barstool teamed up with SiriusXM for a national radio show, Barstool Radio aired daily from 12-2pm ET on channel 93. Yesterday, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy announced channel 93 will soon be Barstool Radio 24/7.

“We went from one show to an entire channel in one year,” Portnoy said. “It’s further validation that there is insatiable demand for unique Barstool content. Having our own 24/7 channel will be a great way to continue to grow our brand and strengthen our grip on the 18-40 year old demographic.”

The current 12-2 show hosted by Portnoy, Kevin “KFC” Clancy and Caleb Pressley is expected to continue in the same timeslot. Additional programming will include Portnoy’s Barstool Tailgate Show co-hosts, former NFL punter Pat McAfee and Julie Stewart-Binks, as well as ex-MLB pitcher Dallas Braden. Barstool’s most popular podcasts will also join the new SiriusXM channel.

During yesterday’s Barstool “Emergency Press Conference” from SiriusXM studios, Portnoy said they have no boundaries in their search for new talent to fill the new channel. “If you have funny guys at other stations that are floundering, be like, ‘Hey, we want this guy on Barstool.’ I’ll call him up and hire him, because that’s what I do.”

Some thought their recent quick dismissal from ESPN could hurt Barstool, but Portnoy made it clear that won’t be the case, stating, “Everyone’s taking shots at the crown lately, being like, ‘Is this the end of Barstool?’ No, no, no. No, no no. This is just the beginning… You think we’re going down? We’re growing.”

The new Barstool Radio channel 93 on SiriusXM will launch January 15, 2018.

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