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Tylers Take: The Sharp 600

Title: The Sharp 600 – Episode 33

Date: October 18th, 2017

Length: 11 minutes and six seconds

Host: Joe Fortenbaugh

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One of my favorite things about reviewing podcasts is discovering how people are separating theirs from all the others. There’s tons of sports podcasts out there. Why should I listen to yours? What makes yours different from any other podcast I can download and listen to? It seems that half the battle of creating a successful podcast is thinking outside the box and finding an idea that draws in listeners. In terms of finding a different niche, The Sharp 600 passes with flying colors.

In the span of 600 seconds, Joe Fortenbaugh runs through an entire podcast centered on the best bets of the college football weekend. This idea is brilliant, however, there’s two critical components: Can you give me enough information in that short period of time, plus the obvious one, are your picks hitting the mark?

The Sharp 600 hits on both of those in episode 33, as Fortenbaugh went 2-0 on his picks against the spread, while backing up his reasoning with great information. I also enjoyed the touch of bringing on Las Vegas professional handicapper Bryan Leonard for a few minutes to talk about his thoughts on the upcoming NFL action. Leonard adds good content to the podcast, as he reveals interesting nuggets for each game. Anyone can come on and claim they’re a ‘professional handicapper’ but Leonard’s information on every game across the board made him a very quality guest.

There’s no secret as to why this podcast is a success. Simply put, it’s not time consuming like some others. Think of the family man that drives to work, does his job, drives home and then has to attend to his family as soon as he walks through the door. He may have a huge appetite for sports, but he probably has limited time for it. This podcast satisfies that appetite, all the while keeping him entertained and informed during the few minutes he has available during the day to enjoy it.

As I think about the target audience, it doesn’t just range to the 38-year old father of two kids. It also appeals to the 25-year old single male who just got his first job out of college. For the first time in his life, he finally has a few bucks of his own to enjoy. With the booming success of the sports betting industry, maybe he wants to use some of that cold hard cash to bet on football games. However, since he’s a millennial, maybe he doesn’t want to sift through a 45-minute podcast to find good information on the games of the weekend. Instead, The Sharp 600 gives him what he wants in a short amount of time. Hey, I’m a 27-year old millennial and my attention span is awful.

Closing Comments:

Fortenbaugh thought outside the box and came up with a very quality niche. I give him props for that. The production quality was solid for a one-man podcast, and I enjoyed the short drops he provided. One suggestion, I think he should mix up some of the drops he utilizes across different episodes. Don’t play the same ones every podcast, mix it up and keep it fresh. It goes a long way with the audience.

All in all, this podcast is a success because it caters to a wide range of people. No matter your age, you’d have an interest in taking a listen. In honor of The Sharp 600, this review is, well, you guessed it, exactly 600 words long.


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